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I recently found a charge to my c.c. and was in the process of rectifying it when my c.c. company asked me about a couple of other charges that had just been authorized. One of them was to a website called Auction and the phone number they gave me to call and dispute the charges of $68.46 was to another website called talk about rude people. Wow!!They flat told me that they couldn't find my name in their system and therefore they were not liable. What actually happened is that I used my card at a local mom & pop market and one of the employees(Owners) used my card on-line twice. My problem is that this hindu speaking mo-fo's wont give me my money back. I don't usually discriminate, but I absolutely HATE rag heads, they are a bunch of theiving rude smelly people that need to go back to their own country and quit ripping us off. I will find out who committed fraud wth my c.c. and prosicute. Penny

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      Sep 05, 2009

    It may not just be someone at a store. Anyone that has this symbol ))) can not record your info with an RFID reader. So then it is out in the world and maybe on the black market. Keep your numbers safe.

    Someone with a Cell phone camera can not get an image of your credit card number and your name and make a cloned card.

    Here are some help full tips.
    If you are using your card, cover the numbers with black electric tape. on the front of it.
    That way no one is taking a pic of your card.

    When a store is busy, use the Credit button and not the pin. Someone can be watching you.

    Rifd cards use a piece of aluminum foil to shield your card. Or you can use something called ID STRONGHOLD.

    Remember that the RFIID chip in New card are always broadcasting. Anyone with an RFID reader can steal the information today.

    Watch out for ATM machines that look like they have been tampered with. Skimming device may be attached to it. Go inside and take the money from the teller.

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