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A small charge showed up on the cell bill before last and I ignored it, I GUESS I WAS JUST TOO LAZY, much to my ensuing regret about the manifestations of irony. The current bill, which I received today, had a full blown $9.99 charge in the category Data - Premium TXT Messaging, too big to ignore. I didn't have a clue as to what the charges were for so I called my provider (Verizon) about billing. They checked their records and identified the charges coming from Too Lazy and how to stop it, like maybe this wasn't the first complaint. I don't know who TOO LAZY is, I don't know what texting service TOO LAZY they provides or provided me, but I found out there is a record of a text and return from me last month that constitutes authorization to charge my account! I checked my inbox and sent box to find zippo ("jeez, sir, you can erase it, our records are clear about texts, you know"), yet I remain certain I didn't consciously authorize any thing nor did I have the presence of mind to pull a scam about scams on my provider. While I was at it I put a stop on all these kinds of charges, like a credit stop. To stop the text messaging from Too Lazy use the 5 digit phone # 47941 with the 3 letter word message: End. An auto response came back in a couple seconds that no more texts or charges would come, as to that, it has been 2 hours, so who knows yet? Verizon was very helpful in initiating a stop, but zero help in getting the charges reversed. They wouldn't do it, but gave me a TOO LAZY customer service number, [protected], which is a recording only, no humans.
The message gave the same 5-digit number but said to send the 4 character word STOP. I hope end is the end of it, I want this to stop too, so maybe... nah, no more texting to this number. The web site was suggested, which lead me here.
I am a suspicious sort and am loathe to admit volunteering for this abuse, so for right now, this looks like a bureaucratic scavenger hunt shell game I'm losing.
TOO LAZY, reverse the charges!

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  • M
      Jun 03, 2009

    company charged me without my consent.

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  • G
      Jun 30, 2009

    I did not order this I want my money back I am fileling a complant with the proper people

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  • D
      Jul 09, 2009

    How can this be legal? to charge you for something without telling you? Sure, you can stop the "service" but when you try to request your $9.99 be refunded, all you get by phone or email is an automated response telling you how to stop the "service". How many thousands of people are being ripped off for $9.99? Someone is getting very rich from this SCAM!

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  • N
      Jul 23, 2009

    Complaints about these guys are all over the web.. They got our 10 year old daughter for multiple fees on last months bill. We're filing a complaint with the FCC and anyone reading this should do the same. Nothing happens if you don't take action with the people who can actually do something about it. The link with info about how to file the complaint if here:

    We're also going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission under the "Deceptive Business Practices" statute. The online form to do that can be found here:

    We're going to copy both complaints to the Attorney General's office for our state as well. With the online forms, it's pretty fast and easy to do this and hopefully, one of them can get these guys shut down since they clearly practice predatory tactics and otherwise serve no possible productive purpose in society!

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  • A
      Feb 27, 2010

    This company should be put out of business as soon as possible.

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  • A
      Apr 02, 2010

    I was charge for $ 9.99 by this company without my authorization I am confuse why the government do not arrest these polele?

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  • A
      Apr 02, 2010

    I was charge $ 9.99 o about the charge for next month I am waiting my cell phone bill without my authorization I blocked this text massage but I am not sure

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  • P
      Jul 19, 2016
    Too Lazy - fraudulent charges through cell phone companies
    Too Lazy premium text messaging co.
    United States

    Call your cell phone co to block the charges for unsolicted text messaging charges from Too Lazy!
    The cell companies need to contact the Federal Communications Commission to stop this fraud.
    We had over $75 of charges from June to Dec 09 and then in Jan it stopped for an unknown reason.
    We asked Verizon to block further contact with us from Feb on. We don't know how they get people's cell #, or succeed in charging Verizon who pass along the charge to its customers. This is wrong and citizens must see that they are arrested by the FCC Federal Communication Commission. OR write or call your US congressman or senator. That is what they are there for!!

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  • F
      Jul 19, 2016
    Too Lazy - Unauthorized Charges
    United States

    Was charged $9.99 for "Premier Texting" on my Verizon Bill, no idea how it got on there, don't even know how to text. Was lead through cancellation process by Verizon rep and told to expect credit on next month's bill, same charge appeared following months, needed to change my phone number to get rid of this.
    Contacts on Too Lazy website cannot be accessed, no phone messages can be left - where does one file a complaint to get these people out of business, how do they get hold of mobile phone numbers when I only give it out to few family members? Any ideas?

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