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Tony / Empirian Village

1 Greenbelt, MD, United States Review updated:

Dear Sir:                                         11 June 2008

We have been trying incessantly, since our arrival in early October of 2007, to get the attention of anyone with the proper authority to rectify the situation, to notify them of the dilapidated conditions that we have been subjected to living in while renting at over 900 dollars a month a place that you rented to us agreeing it was reasonably free of pest and vermin. We have paid for this residence and yet have not received what we have paid for in the least. The foul and disgusting situation we find ourselves living in has been appealed to every staff member referred to us, from Managers who have been called at least 4 or 5 times and left messages with absolutely no response, to maintenance workers who have been in and out of our residence so much that the carpet is black with the track marks of their boots. And still we have not gotten a fair and clean place to live in in the interim.  We will continue to escalate this matter by every means necessary to every authoritative figure we can contact until we get a satisfactory answer and solution or a full refund.

Since moving in 9122 Edmonston Court, we have been subjected to daily floods from the toilet over the bathroom floor while going about the normal usage of the vessel. I personally have had to disinfect the floor at least 3 to 4 times a week after flushing. I have been wading in defecation more times than I care to count. Maintenance came numerous times and took the toilet off the floor and snaked it with this little device that never worked no matter how many times I protested that it didn’t work the last time so why are we just doing the same thing over and over and being left with an over flowing toilet problem that never get’s resolved. No one would listen and so they would use this little device to snake the toilet. It wouldn’t work but they would leave until I called them again and again and again. Over a couple of a dozen times. It has been infuriating. But what we found was that this was typical behavior and the worse was yet to come. We have:

1.) Roaches.
2.) in the refrigerator.
3.) in the microwave (That had to be thrown out due to over infestation of it.)
4.) in the dish washer.
5.) in the bed room.
6.) infesting the lap top in the bed room.
7.) in the closet.
8.) in the kitchen every time a light goes out.
9.) in my bed.
10.) in the night stand by the bed.
11.) crawling on my computer while using it.
12.) crawling on my legs while in bed.
13.) crawling on me while I am asleep.
14.) bites on my arm, of the which I cannot prove for I am not a roach bite expert, but I wake up with marks on my arms after going to bed with none.
15.) in the freezer.
16.) in shoes and under shoes.
17.) in gaping holes left by dry wall workers and maintenance with ill-repairs coming out into the bathroom crawling across tooth brushes and wash cloths/towels.
18.) It took them almost two months to unstop the kitchen sink. During this I could not use it for a whole week.
19.) There was an open hole in the bathroom under the sink with no face plate, that I had to repair myself. At least 7 months of complaining about this, maintenance came to repair it.
20.) The molding in the kitchen came off immediately once we moved in and the cabinet came loose from the wall.
21.) I cannot open a cabinet door without some desiccated roach antennae, wing or other dry body part floating from the draft, out into the food I am presently preparing.
22.) I have to wash every dish stored on the shelves again, before using them due to roaches crawling all over them in their search for food.
23.) I can pick up a random dish or bowl and find a roach hiding in it due to the lights coming on.

This list is by no means exhaustive and photo evidence of the motley repair job on this unit and the roach infestation have been included with this communiqué. It is a disgusting, dehumanizing and humiliating experience. You would not want to live here or like this I assure you. And the problem has escalated to the point of where we have incessantly requested to be moved to another, smaller unit to no avail. I do not understand why you insist on subjecting us to this squalid, filthy living space. But we have no intention of allowing this to go on uncontested. No matter what. I am trying to appeal to your sense of decency Sir in giving us what we have paid for and have yet to receive. I hope this letter finds you in agreement with us and intent on moving us to a residence that is clean and free of this filth and pest problem. We can no longer live like this, than the first week it was discovered. We were verbally offered a move by an unidentified woman who works in your administrative offices and filed the proper documents to be allowed to move, but have yet to receive a responsible reply. Please review the photo materials included as they are evidence of our claim. Why such evidence is needed I am unclear on. This isn’t a trial though it very well should be. I am sure this situation is not something you are unaware of though why your company would want to charge someone the cost of a town home to live in an apartment with the filth, dilapidated conditions and pest problems that we suffer, is beyond reason. I am at the point where I am wanting to demand satisfaction. This is sickening and the slow grind of the administrative solutions that we seek, that have to date, not been met have us living like this in month number 8 of a one year lease living in filth, human waste, roaches so numerous that the dead have to be cleaned up almost daily. This will not do Sir. And so it has escalated to your attention and will go further until justice is provided one way or another. What can you do for us Sir? Please expedite your response for we have yet paid another month of good money for a deplorable violation of services.


Stephan A. Lewis for Hijmans.


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  • To
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    Tony - Royal holiday club
    United States

    We purchased a timeshare with royal holiday back in 2004 in the bahamas and found it to be very useful, and all of the facts told to us at the presentation were true. Back in 2007 while in cancun mexico we were invited to another presentation to upgrade our membership which we did and now are platinum members. I can only say that we used this timeshare point system many times and never had a problem. Sorry to see so many people very unhappy with royal.

  • Ma
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    are you taking this landlord to court? (small claims ) to get out of this lease.. did you contact your local legal aid or tenants rights .organizations. I have never been in a court room where slum landloards are allowed to make people live in these types of conditions.

  • Ge
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    Tony - Stolen money
    27TH AVE
    New York
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    United States
    Phone: 646-418-6248

    Grady is a&r at full surface records for producer swizz beatz. Don't trust this weasel!!! He and his partner tony "panther" are bad business!!! They both manage the recording artist "drag-on" they will sucker you into buying features, radio, distribution, anything they can to get your money and you will not see a dime left!!! Artists and producers please beware when dealing with grind house studios in new york city. They are bad business!!!

  • Gw
      13th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am a member of gwra and tony is telling the truth. We know about alls these problems and the lack of action by the management at Springhill lake aka empirian village diffrent name same stuff.
    go to and judicial/ and search court records see how many have escrows against them. dont be fooled they will show you a nice place and tell you that it was taken and put you on a list for one comming up however they have plenty of vacant apartments. they want you to invest your money so at the last minute you have no choice. after you move in you will start to see mice and roaches due to the way the carpet is installed hidding the large gaps under the base boards. you will feeel the draft around the poor wondows and balcony doors and i mean big draft from big windows. maintenace does a piss poor job you will call them over and over till you give up. then you get the leeks from the poor plumbing in the apartment above you.

  • 44
      2nd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thank you all 4 the heads up SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!! They should be made to live there.

  • Pi
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I' am currently taking Empirian Village to court for just about all of the reasons listed as well as some not I have had mold issues for almost a year on top of the mice. I have leaks and I have killed 5 mice in 4 days time. I empty a bucket every 2 days from leaks. I have 2 notices from the health department that have been defaulted on. My children have had numerous allergy attacks and the staff there is not caring about anything. In Dec - Feb many people were without heat. But what we didnt know is that its possibly because the complex didnt have a license to lease out to new apartment renter so pepco possibly would not provide them with service. So many people have had to suffer. I m wondering if you have never defaulted on your rent and have all the documentation needed including pictures, video and documents. What are the chances in receiving back rent issued by the courts?

  • Mi
      1st of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    If you know any legal person that I can complain to about this company PLEASE pass on I am owed money from them that I was supposed to receive in 10 to 21 business days and its been 2 months.

  • Pi
      6th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Miss Vals, my recommendation is to file a civil suit against the company for the amounts owed to you. Make sure you have all of your documentation in reference to what they owe when you go to court.

  • Pi
      6th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    you do not need a lawyer you can look up land-lord tenant laws for your state and get info.

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