Tony Bennettff 53.0 (32-bit) blocking payment sites

I have really come to my tether with regards to FF. When ever I pay an online bill or deal with my banks accounts it shows a tool bar that states I should allow the next session to show itself. I have this problem on both Linux and Windows. Now when I have to make a payment in my bank or local authority I have to change my browser, so as it will work. And, yes I have gone through my preference points and ensured ALLOW is created for those sites. Yet it makes no difference to making my payments. So, now I am moving to search for another browser that works for me and not make paying bills etc a battle. I have researched everything there is that will help me and I see many other people have the same problem. Here is a link I have been trying to use that will show you my problems:
As soon as I put this in the address bar it blocks me out!
I hope you can resolve this matter as I have loved FF for decades

May 08, 2017

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