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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to relay my firsthand experiences with, a company that provides ink and toner cartridges for a variety of printers. I first came upon Toner Selection while browsing the product offerings through Living Social. Like many, I was excited to find a relatively inexpensive alternative to ink for my printer-—an Epson Workforce 325. As an author, I use a significant amount of ink, and Toner Selections black cartridges for this model are about $4 less expensive than the Epson specific brand. With the Living Social offer, it was significantly cheaper still, so I decided to give them a try.
I placed an order on October 8 of this year for five of the 125 black ink cartridges specific to the model of my printer. I received the product quickly, but did not have an immediate need to use them until the existing cartridge in my printer ran out. In mid-November, I switched from the Epson brand to the Toner Selection cartridge. Upon the very first printing, I noted the color was significantly “grayer” than the previous ink cartridge that I had just removed. The printout served my needs at the time, so I didn’t think much of it. However, the next time I attempted to print, I was unable to get anything at all from the nozzle that provides black ink. I attempted several head cleanings and various other troubleshooting methods to no avail. I removed that cartridge, and tried a second cartridge from the same Toner Selection shipment to test whether or not the first cartridge might be defective. The second cartridge worked no better than the first, and subsequent head cleanings still did nothing to alleviate the problem.
At this point, I decided I should purchase another Epson specific cartridge and try it as well. Initially, even this did not work at all, and I was concerned that the ink from Toner Selection had permanently damaged my printer. Fortunately, after more than a dozen head cleanings, the Epson brand black ink began to flow again. And while the print quality is now somewhat improved, the nozzle checks still show a few empty pixels in the black range, so I have been unable to fully repair the machine despite all of my best efforts to do so.
I contacted to convey my concerns. I have included a transcript of my contact with them below. As you will note, initially, I was told that I could expect a refund of my purchase. I was then told that it was impossible for ink to permanently damage a printer and it had “never happened.” (This is despite a specific clause in the company’s guarantee stating that printer damage resulting from their product would be reimbursed). I followed up with them again to let them know that through multiple cleanings, I had restored most of the function to my printer, but the process had necessitated so many head cleanings that I had used a full set of Epson color and black ink and asked for that cost to be reimbursed. A set of Epson cartridges currently runs between $46 and $51. I was then told that Toner Selection would only reimburse half of the cost of the cartridges that I had originally purchased from them (approximately $23)—to say nothing of the excess ink I’d expended in repair.
Believing that there might be a communication failure, I replied back to Toner Selection to outline the specifics. Despite my printer still not working at it’s prior excellence, I was willing to return the three unopened cartridges, as well as the two partial cartridges that failed for a full refund. Instead of asking that they replace my printer completely ($99), I instead asked for them to replace only the Epson ink cartridge ($46). It was at this time that Toner Selection stopped responding to me altogether. At this time, there is no resolution to this problem, despite Toner Selection’s Guarantee, which is listed on the main page of their website.
I have decided to detail these failings of Toner Selection’s products because I feel it is important to let other consumers know that their expensive printing equipment may well be at risk due to faulty, defective or inferior product. Furthermore, Toner Selection’s reluctance and outright refusal to honor their Guarantee means that their customers could be out hundreds of dollars. To date, I’ve spent $53 on their product, $51 on replacement ink to clean the heads, and have a $99 printer that does not work to it’s full potential. In an effort to save a few dollars on ink, I’ve instead lost over $200 for a relatively inexpensive inkjet printer.
I hope that your organization will bring these issues to light, and that consumers will think twice before purchasing from Though it may seem like a tremendous deal for the average customer, it can instead quickly become a tremendous nightmare.

Daniel S

enc: case #**** (contact details to/from staff)
enc: TonerSelections “Guarantee” (taken from website)

cc: Better Business Bureau, Groupon, Living Social,,, /link removed/,

12/10/2014 (customer): Hello. I placed an order with you for several Epson 125 ink cartridges using a deal from Groupon. I wanted to express my dissatisfaction with your product. Immediately upon changing cartridges into your product, my printer (an Epson 325) immediately began to have problems. The first page printed with your ink was noticeably lighter than all of the other black cartridges used prior (I'd only used Epson products). I wasn't terribly concerned at that time, as the ink was legible in a grey tone. However, upon next using the printer, it would not print accurately at all. The colors worked, however, nothing in black would print accurately. I removed the cartridge, and replaced it with another of your products to see if perhaps I had a defective cartridge. I continued to have the same issue. I troubleshot the printer, did head cleanings and nozzle checks and noted distinct broken lines, only on the black. I removed your cartridge and replaced it with an Epson 125. This did not fix the issue. I did, however, run SEVERAL head cleans and nozzle checks (at least half a dozen). At this time, I am able to print in black for the most part, but there are still some faded areas, and the nozzle check shows some broken lines (though considerably better than they were). It is clear that your product clogged the nozzle of my printer. I will have to attempt an internal, manual cleaning of my printer to attempt to fix what your product has damaged. At this time, I do not know if the printer is salvageable or if your product has completely ruined it. I still have several unopened ink cartridges from the shipment and two opened. I would like a refund of these products, and am willing to ship them back to you. In addition, you should be aware that I am considering contacting Groupon to make them aware of your inferior product which has the potential to damage other's expensive printers. I am disappointed to say the least. I suppose the adage is true- if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Daniel S

12/11/14 (staff) Hello Daniel,
This is very un usual, Ive heard of ink cartridges being defective but never permanently damaging a printer, Is there anything we can do to stop you from giving our company a bad rep?
Thank you

12/11/14 (customer) Joe- first on my list would be a refund of my purchase. I can return the unused cartridges I still have from my initial order, as well as the two opened cartridges. At this point, I clearly will not use them as I am concerned that they will further damage the printer. If I am ultimately unable to repair the printer, some compensation from your company to purchase a new one would be in order, in my opinion. Why don't you tell me what you are willing to provide to make this right?

12/11/14 (customer) We will refund your order. Your printer is not broken because a cartridge does not have the capability of doing so, never happened.
Thank you

12/11/14 (customer) It most certainly has the capability of irreparably clogging the nozzles, which is what I will need to investigate further before determining the extent of the damage. Please do not imply that this "never happened". I would certainly not waste my time contacting you if the cartridges had worked properly, or even if they hadn't but caused a problem that could be easily fixed. That kind of implication will not help prevent me from leaving negative comments about your company.

12/15/2014 (customer) Joe- having performed several more head cleanings, I was able to restore all but a few pixels in the nozzle. I believe that I will be able to get it back to completely functional. However, it did require nearly a complete set of ink to blow the nozzles so many times repeatedly. Would Toner Selection be willing to reimburse the cost of the ink? I am able to find a complete pack online for approximately $46. This would be significantly less expensive than replacement of the printer itself, which is several hundred.
If you are willing to make that concession to me, I will refrain from sharing my negative experience with your product.

12/15/2014 (staff) Hello Daniel,
Since the cartridges now work, what we are willing to do is to reimburse your 50% of what you had to pay in order to receive your cartridges.
Let us know if this works for you.
Thank you,

12/15/2014 (customer) David- perhaps I was not clear about what has happened. YOUR black ink caused the nozzles in my printer to clog. After trying two of YOUR ink cartridges, it was apparent that they were of inferior quality and causing the problems with my printer. I then replaced YOUR black ink cartridge with a black cartridge from EPSON. Thus far I have had to perform at least a dozen head cleanings, and am STILL experiencing clogs in the nozzles (at least two pixels). As I am sure you know, head cleanings deplete ALL ink, as it uses ink to spray through the nozzles. I have therefore used an entire set of EPSON ink ($46 on Amazon) to repair the problems caused by YOUR ink cartridges.
I cannot, and will not use YOUR ink. I therefore expect a full refund ($53.16) for YOUR ink. If necessary, I can return the unopened boxes, as well as the two partial cartridges.
In addition, I am asking you to reimburse the cost of a full set of the EPSON ink ($46) that was needed to (partially) fix my printer. I am therefore asking for a reimbursal of $99.16. Anything less than that seems unacceptable given the circumstances. I await your reply.

12/17/2014 (customer) How shall we resolve this issue?
(end of communication)’s “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”:
Toner Selection Limited Lifetime Warranty

TonerSelection warrants their laser cartridges to be free from defects in material and workmanship during their useful lifetime. If a defect is found, our entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be, at our option, free replacement or a full refund. This warranty does not apply to cartridges once toner is depleted as a result of normal use or to cartridges damaged due to abnormal use, misuse, neglect or accident or remanufactured by third parties.

Additionally, TonerSelection will reimburse all costs to repair your equipment in the unlikely event that our cartridge causes damage. For reimbursement, provide TonerSelection with the defective cartridge and a dated and signed written statement on the repair service company’s letterhead, detailing the cause of damage and cost of repair. Satisfactory evidence must be provided that the equipment damage was due to a defect in the TonerSelection cartridge. This warranty is exclusive, and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Note that this warranty does not cover use for purposes or in equipment not listed in TonerSelection product literature.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so such limitations may not apply to you. If this product is found to be defective, you may return it with your original cash register receipt to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund or contact . In the U.S. and Canada,
call [protected].

Dec 19, 2014

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  • Dj
      8th of Jan, 2015

    This is an update to the aforementioned complaint with TonerSelection. As of January 8th, 2015, I have finally received a refund for my purchases. In addition, TonerSelection provided me with an additional $10 (CAD) for the "misunderstanding". I was not reimbursed for the ink that was necessary to repair the printer to a working condition, as I had requested and felt was fair compensation.

    I cannot say that all TonerSelection products are of poor quality. What I want all consumers to know is that I attempted to use just one of their cartridges and it caused extensive (and expensive) problems in my printer. Furthermore, it took nearly a month to come to resolution on this (a total reimbursal of $23.16 CAD), and the original Living Social purchase price of $13.00. The sum total of all of this effort was approximately $32.00 US. I'll let the consumer draw their own conclusions on the value of doing business with them in the future.

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  • We
      17th of Feb, 2015

    I had a very similar experience with this company. Purchased vouchers through Living Social in April 2014 and then purchased ink for my two Epson printers. Anything printed with the ink from this company came out streaked and blotchy & no amount of head cleanings would correct it. Switching back to OEM Epson ink fortunately corrected this for both printers. Once ink cartridge was also leaking, which wasn't apparent until I opened the box to install it. Had several emails back and forth with Toner Selection and then they ceased responding to my emails when I demanded a full refund.

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  • Le
      12th of Jul, 2015

    I am having a similar issue with Toner Selection. Their customer service is awful and the catridges don't work.

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