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Toms Automotive / Rip-off!

1 Port Jefferson, NY, United States

My husband and I purchased a car in February and by March we needed a new engine. We brought it to Toms Automotive. Spent around $2000 for a rebuild engine. Got the car back about the end of April. It took about 1-2 weeks for us to realize it was burning oil like crazy. Brought it back to Toms. We had a warranty (1 year) so there was no problem getting another one. We were still able to drive the car while we waited for him to get another engine. Well we waited, and waited and waited. Toms reason why it was taking so long was because he was having such a hard time finding another engine. I spoke to a couple of mechanics and they both said it wouldn't take (at this point) eight months to find an engine. Eight weeks would be a long time. Finally in February or March my husband and I went in to tell him enough is enough. We've waited long enough. Either give us an engine or give us our money back. Well wouldn't you know it, as soon as he saw us, oh he has an engine on the way. Well we got our car back a few days later. So now we only had about 1 1/2 months before the warranty would expire. I think thats what he was waiting for. Give us another engine with very little time left on the warranty. Now its the beginning of May and we realized its burning oil again. Not as bad but it is. Before we brought our car to him we only heard good things about Toms Automotive. Since our problems with him, every time we mention him to our neighbors, we only hear how he's a rip off. We will never go to him again.


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