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United Kingdom
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I purcharsed the Tommee Tippee digital ear themometer five weeks and have only just got round too needing too use it. Today Wednesday the 17th of May my little boy woke around 7:30am feeling very hot and drowsy. i took his temp at 7:46am it read 36.6°C he was sure as hell hotter than that. I replaced the protecter and tried again after 15 minutes it read 37.2°C, just in the same minute it read 38.9°C and then 35.3°C. I took my temp and it gave me a reading of 40.1°C I'm perfectly fine no illness feeling poorly nothing. I repeatedly took his temp throughout the day and was flitting between 31°C and highs of 40°C. I then tried my mouth and forhead strip themometer and both gave me the same reading of 38.1°C. This product could potentially put people's lives at risk. My Two year old is very lucky i followed my gut and gave him Paracetamol. If i had gone by some of the readings on the Tommee Tippee i wouldn't of given him any medicine. What an overrated product. Very disappointed too of been let down by such a well known product and name.

May 17, 2017

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