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Tom Moore / Bidfuel, Crusher Bonus, Regnetord

1 8149 O'Melveny AvenueSun Valley, CA, United States Review updated:

I was tricked June 24, 200g into taking a trial for some ebay auction kit or something like that from Crusher Bonus who lead me to Bidfuel, and in turn collected money illegally through for only $1.97, and after one day I saw that this was something that I did not want to get involved with so I emailed to try and cancel.
All eforts to unsubscribe and email these three companies that I was transferred into.. were unresponsive.
14 days later my CC account was billed $59.95 from with no way of contacting them on why they billed me or how to get refunded. I see that they have been doing many people like this so I'm putting in my request for these three companies to be stopped.

I have pasted information presented from companies below.
Thomas Moore

There's a "new" kind of website these days - one that "FORCES"
money into your pocket!

The days are now over where you were left with just "chance" on
your side when it came to making money on the Internet.

A brand new "technology" has been developed that makes websites pay
you by "force!"


Short of putting a gun to people's heads and making them take their
money out of their wallets and pay you without choice, this new
technology might as well be the exact same thing.

This breakthrough was developed by a New York Virtual Marketing
Firm, and is taking the Web by storm!

Already some pretty famous names are taking note of this new "money
making invention" that "forces" money out of the Internet directly
into your bank account!

A spokesperson for the NYC firm boasted proudly:

"Imagine the Worldwide-Web as an ocean of money ... our new
technology merely makes a way for YOU to be able to dig a big
trench from that 'cash-sea' directly into your backyard!"

And that's obviously a pretty amazing feat to say the very least!

People get a webpage that's NOT ordinary by any means!

The webpage "captures" a huge segment of the daily visitors it
receives and winds up upselling them repeatedly with a predictable
conversion each and every time!

Plus, the webpage has a "built-in" device that allows it to
generate "free traffic" without end!

So considering the fact that you get free traffic, along with a
predictable and steady stream of sales conversions, you get a
guaranteed source of endless income!

Additionally, the webpage you get already contains a PROVEN digital
product that no online marketer can live without, and one that is
delivered where all your orders are filled automatically by another
firm on behalf of you, the webpage owner! (And at no costs!)

Not only that, but the webpage contains a video that makes further
an irresistible offer so that people must surrender their contact
information, and which also becomes a VAST double-optin list!

This list is maintained by yet another separate online firm on your
behalf, and that has the HIGHEST track record for getting over 98%
deliverability for follow-up emailings (the same that convert
another 378% more sales for you!)

So in a nutshell you get:

o An amazing website!
o A website that converts sales automatically!
o A website that puts "forced" money directly into your pocket!
o A website that's run by another firm for you (at NO charge!)
o A website that continues to promote for you over & over!
o A website that grows & cultivates a proven list!
o A website that functions automatically (so you never run it!)
o And a website that you get Free H0STING for!

So as you can easily see you get the whole "Sha-Bang!"

Without wasting another moment of your time, why not go to the new
site that shows you how you can get this site for yourself (if
you'd like) for next to nothing? ...

~~~> *****>

*But I must warn you that they are only giving away a very limited
number of these "forced money" websites that forcibly pour money
into your pocket! - So please [for your sake] HURRY!

Just though you might want to know ...


-David and Craig

David Craig Marketing, LLC, 673 Ipswich St., Boca Raton, FL 33487, USA

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

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  • Da
      23rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    This "Auction Success Kit" aka BidFuel is a total SCAM. I don't even know what or how they got my name and address, not to mention credit card information (if they indeed have it) but I DID recieve a packet in the morning mail containing two CD's which, unfortunately, I opened without realizing what it was. I immediately telephoned them (there is a telephone number on the packet) but was told (via a recording) that their office would not be opened until May 26th. It's the Memorial Day Weekend (don't ju know).

    I intend to nip this scam in the bud, and quick!

    I will probably have to send the disc's back (using my own postage, of course) and MAY have to cancel my ONLY CREDIT CARD THAT THEY COULD POSSIBLY HAVE . . . in order to prevent them from billing me horrific charges . . . for something I neither need or want. A TOTAL SCAM. Beware of anything on the web that offers you something for FREE and then asks you to fill out a lot of questions regarding your choices in different matters . . . things you like or dislike . . . products you use or don't use . . . things like that. You fill out your name and address to receive the so-called "FREE" merchandise and the next thing you know, you receive something like this in the mail that you ultimately have to PAY FOR. BE CAREFUL!

  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes
    Tom Moore - This company sucks
    Tom Moore
    United States

    We ordered a part from them Jan 28th, and to this day we still have not received it. I e-mailed the company and they sent me a second receipt with a tracking number, which they did not do before. The second receipt stated that they shipped the part Feb 2nd. Do not buy from this company if the part ordered is needed asap.

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