Tom Collins / Aggressive and unprofessional manner

1 United States

I contacted Tom Collins, American Eagle Pilot and Property Manager in Dallas-Fort Worth for residential leases units when he rented the condo next door to my home of 8 years to an individual that broke into my attic space in my home and disconnected my cable television and internet services. This is the 2nd set of tenants whom he leased property at our complex in less than one year; the first couple consisted of a topless dancer and drug dealer and now his next selection for a tenant living her less than 3 weeks has destroyed my property. I asked that the tenant correct this problem in an amicable manner and after 3 weeks got no response, I had to pay $100 myself to have the problem corrected and when I contacted this property manager he spoke to me in incomprehensible language at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and then made derogatory statements to me indicating he was not the property manager but an accountant then saying he was the property manager. My impression was he was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol and at that time of the day this especially concerned me. My hope is whatever his state of mind was that he wasn't flying in a commercial airline with passengers on board. Even if he were not under the influence his aggressive deamenor and unprofessional manner would be unsettling.


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