ToLqithis man very bad camfrog room

He bad man he keeps float in room and swear write name on id doing flot he keeps do this make me upset alot camfrog he keep change his id but l know his id send you ToLqi O*E 2 ids in Camfrog can stop this man keep flot swear write down in room all time 24 hours he keeps flot to me you have do some think about this man in camforg he do to everyone in room all poeple geting upset alot some of they are lean camfrog his swear on mic and falot in room take picture of ladys in room and put on room cam l got copy send to you :O*E: FERİDE AMINA KODUMUNUN OROSPUSU SEN 18 LERDE MİLLETE SHOW YAP SONRA NAMUSLUYUM DİYE GEÇİN OROSPU ŞILLIK FAHİŞE FERİDE BENİM KOCAMI AYARTMAYA ÇALIŞTIN SENİN VİDEOLARIN VAR BİZDE ANLADINMI OROSPU FERİDE SEN NE OROSPUYMUŞSUN CF DE SHOW YAPMADIĞIN ERKEK KALMAMIŞ PARAYLA SİKİŞ YAPIYORMUŞSUN ÖZELDE VİDEOLARIN VAR OROSPU FERİDE ŞILLIK FERİDE FAHİŞE FERİDE this what his doing float in room alway other ladys he do again can you stop this man soon plz

Jan 11, 2017

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