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The referenced company agreed to supply me with a toll free number for my customers to call and to forward calls made to this number to numbers of my choosing. The company said that in exchange for a monthly fee it would provide me with 100 free minutes of use per month and would assess an additional fee that was proportional to time used over 100 minutes. It failed to disclose that it rounded time used upward to the next highest minute. Upon learning that this was the company's practice, I attempted to cancel the service and asked for a refund. The company's customer service rep not only was unwilling to give me a refund but said there would be a $25 cancellation fee. When I asked whether I had agreed to the fee, the rep referred me to a Web page containing contractual language that looked similar to that to which I had agreed.

I did a Web search and found a number of complaints against the company, claiming fraud. One of them said that the terms and conditions to which customers were required to agreed did not mention any $25 cancellation fee but that the company referred people who were canceling out to terms and conditions that were modified to make it look as though there was an agreement for the $25 cancellation fee. I checked and found that the terms and conditions offered to prospective customers are, indeed, different than the ones shown to people who are canceling.

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