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What a scam! This is a HIGH pressure sales pitch from the moment you walk in the door. They stroked my ego and I walked out the door with $4, 000 investment to find love. You fill out a survey of your likes and dislikes and numerous preferences of your "dream" person. Unfortunately the experience was far from a dream. After being promised that they had a huge database of men that would fit my preferences it took over 3 weeks to get my first match. Oh and by the way your match comes by way of US mail with the person's phone number and a note saying one of you should call the other and set up a time/place to meet. At least 40% of the men that were sent to me never even returned my calls. Which I understand because after a a year of dating I did not have even one person that met my "requirements" . The people are very rude and when you do complain they act like you are being unreasonable and NO one else was complaining. When in fact I started asking the people that I did go on dates on and they all were having the same frustrating experience and feeling very stupid, as I was, for buying into such a scam. I really didn't realize how bad they were until I decided to throw in the towel and take my loss and started It's Just Lunch. What a difference! The employees actually care, they return calls and you can even leave a message, unlike Together where the phone just rings and rings. Please save your money and RUN in the other direction!!!

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      Jan 23, 2010

    Wow!! I just signed up with Together Dating and I really hope I dont experience the same thing you did. I dont understand how someone would pay 4, 000 or more to join a service such as Together Dating and not return someones call since thats how the stervice is set up. The only thing I can think of is that there previous referrals were not to there liking at all and perhaps they are left feeling frustrated and taken advantage of, so they just give up.

    I have never joined a service like this before but have heard positive things about services like these. I just hope I joined the "right" one. You are not paying to go on a date- we can all do that on our own. What I'm paying for is to meet quality people who are looking for the same things I am. At least the people who are referred to me have invested the same amount thus serious (hopefully) about what the service offers. Also, when I do meet someone at least I know they have cleared a background and credit check.

    Bottom- line when I do meet someone the basics would have already been covered and verified so it really comes down to attraction at that point- thus saving me time from meeting people who are a complete waste of my time ie, internet dating... I'm paying for the service because hopfully the person I meet will have "potential" which we all know is very very very hard to find.

    I guess there is no perfect way to meet quality people but this service and services like these may be one place to start. In my case I really hope it is or else I'm out of a nice chunk of money I could have otherwise spent on a much needed vacation...

    No one should feel stupid for trying. Its when you stop trying that a part of you has given up and after what I paid I'm gonna ride this thing to the end!!! NO DOUBT!!! YOU BEST BELIEVE THAT!!!

    More to come and hopfully GOOD news to share...

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