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Todd Zoch


con artist

Complaint Rating:  65 % with 31 votes
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Todd Zoch
United States
Todd Zoch is not much more than a squatter & Professional scam artist tenant. Says he hurt his back while moving in, missed rent as he was at hospital... than claims to have a delay in comp pay, he has done this to multiple rental property managers and owners. The Money never comes. He has judgements for back rent in excess of $20, 000. Do not rent to him. Do a full background check, pull his credit.
Can not believe an auto dealership lets him work in sales where he has access to other peoples credit.
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A  6th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
It would be great if legal action was taken. This has been going on for too many years.
A  8th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Todd has no problem using his own kid to manipulate people, customers and others of the like! He's convincing in his con but that's what it is A CON!!!
Run don't walk away from him!!! He deserves to be locked up for a long time!
A  12th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
N  5th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
Does anyone know his address???
N  9th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I believe he currently works at another auto dealer in Lakeville
N  19th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
This man ripped my family off for thousands of dollars. He became a so called good family friend and then broke in tears saying he had a medical condition that was deadly. My family being caring, borrowed him the thousands of dollars. Turns out the ### has no condition and took off somewhere. Any info. Of his whereabouts would be great. He needs to go to jail. And he also used his daughter in all of this.
N  19th of Jun, 2013 by    +2 Votes
He just moved out of my townhouse in apple valley. He claims he was moving to section 8 housing that his church helped him get into. He scammed his church into paying his rent for months due to his "medical condition". Let's see...first it was his heart, then it was his liver, then cancer, and now some rare Incurable enzyme disease that he needs to have a bone marrow transplant for. Or So he claims. He is full of ###. He deserves to have all of those things wrong with him but unfortunately it's all part of his lies and scam. He wouldn't be hard to find. I believe his church (atleast the one that he's scammed into paying his rent) is Hossannah Church in lakeville. Pastor Pat was the one who was working with us to pay his rent. He even turned her into a liar. They were suppose to pay his last month of rent before he moved out and stiffed me. Some Christian! all the guy can do is sell cars so he wouldn't be hard to find working. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this guy behind bars if it's possible. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, I'm in!
N  19th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Todd is a horrible person, he is nothing more than a scam artist liar fraud. He is very dangerous since he will pull on your heart strings and we are convinced that all these medical conditions are fake. If you want to find him, call Pastor Pat at Hosannah church in Lakeville her number is (952) 435-3332. She knows where this ### is living in government subsidized section 8 housing. I would love to see this guy behind bars. I have evidence in hand from some check fraud he has committed. Lets get this ### off the streets, he is scamming someone right now as I type this. Watch out for this horrible ### liar. Here is his cell phone number- 952-457-6815 and his email is tazzy314@gmail.com
and he was last employed at Jeff Belzer Chevy in Lakeville, MN
N  20th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
He is a nasty ###...what can be done about this? Any ideas??? My family has nothing to show that we borrowed him money, cause it was all cash...he is such a smooth talker that after he became a so called family friend that we thought we trusted, we borrowed him what he needed at the time for his fake medical reasons. He had my mom and dad all worked up feeling so sorry for him...unbelievable!!! He said he had money from his dad's trust fund and was waiting on paper work to be signed and then he would be getting the money soon. Well, that was a couple years ago... when my dad tried calling him, no answer...
He also sold me my car from Walley McCarthy in 2009 and more than likely ripped me off on that car purchase and trade in for my previous car...I have had nothing but problems with the car since a few months after buying it...
Also, he said he owned part of the Timberwolves...hahahaha...that was a joke too! Oh and he owned two homes...one in Forest Lake and one in Eden Prarie...when I asked to see his home, he always denied...mmmmm...that's cause he never had one there...My family always questioned why he needed the money so badly if he was living the so called good life, but after his sob story, felt bad and borrowed anyway. He is a ###ing ### that I want to find...he better watch his back cause with all of you writing on here, someone has proof and you need to go to the police and show the police these stories. I have no proof for the police, but if you do, I would be more than happy to help out and speak with police.
D  26th of Jun, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Mr. Zoch has committed no criminal actions here or in the past, his criminal record is clean. Kristi Zimmerman and Mauzy properties should be ashamed of themselves as they were both offered the rent but when they both found out my client was receiving help from county and other community agencies they marked up their fees, The Nordstrom family in Mora should also be ashamed of themselves for trying to use Mr, Zoch to secure clients so to get money for a home building project in North Dakota. As for the health of Mr. Zoch that really is not of any concern for anybody on this spew board. Due to the fact that Mr, Zoch's health has and will prevent him from working in the near future he was forced to file Bankruptcy on file at 301 U.S. Courthouse 300 South Fourth Street Minneapolis Minnesota.55415 As for the others on this board Dana Gibbons another Bankruptcy filer and Donald McRon AKA Jeff Kanwischer from Alternative Lodging please feel free to contact my office in writing at any time to prove these preposterous allegations that you have made against my client at 333 N Washington Ave Minneapolis, MN
N  26th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Ok, good job Todd...we all know you wrote this past paragraph...just so everyone knows, my family never once used Mr. Loser Todd Zoch to secure any clients. He came to my family using all of us! When we first were introduced to Todd, he seemed like a nice person who we could trust. He became a family friend, so we thought, and at that point discussion about going in on some projects came up only because Todd was interested. Don't you dare Todd call out my family and say we used you! We are the ones who gave you cash for your fake medical condition...thousands...and of course it says you have done no crime because you are slick about it. You only take cash from people so it is not traceable. If people had only given you a check, or had other proof, you would be in jail!!! You have a lot of nerve calling everyone out who has borrowed your ### money!
D  27th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I've known Todd for over 25 years an he is a private person it's too bad the people on here are going off of pure speculation and don't really know Todd the way I do I read this crap on here and it blows me away that people are allowed to put such filth on the web that is based on no facts what so ever. I can and will say Todd has struggled with very serious health problems dating all the way back to 1995. And has put considerable stress on him emotionally and financially. These people all say they have no proof that's because they all want something from my friend. This is why the Internet should verify the pure ### that people are allowed to put on the web.
D  27th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I completely agree with lane no proof all talk and and bashing good people. I read some things on this site all I can say is wow. They let anyone put anything up on here what a disgrace. True or untrue this is what we fought for in serving our country?? Is to let people spread lies and take cheap shots at people when they are down. It's a shame that's what this country is coming too. Hang in there brother Todd we have your back and know the truth regardless of what these two faced people say. Brothers till the end
N  27th of Jun, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Agree 100% the people on here think they know Todd and they don't !!! I worked with Todd doing security and I don't know a more trusted teammate. That I would want working right next to my side. as soon as I heard this post was on here I was obligated to post a reply to come to the help of a dear friend who is in need of help who has always been there for me and that has always had my back. Hang in there Todd get well first then deal with these people. Right now know that the people who know you for what you are and who you are are right behind you all the way.
D  27th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Maj Dawkins thank you for the email regarding this situation and sending it out to command I'm sure many people will come to the aid of our dear friend Mr. Zoch. For the record I have read the above fabrications and agree that comments about Todd are pissed off people who are trying to smear his name with that said I do hope that the email you distributed will bring action to this board and many replies to the aid of our friend. It is true Todd has been dealing with health issues and that it has put him and his family in a bad spot I also know for a fact that Todd has paid money back to those he has borrowed from that I know including myself. To the irresponsible people that have posted the above you are wrong in bringing these unfair judgements to a honorable family man who has had a run of bad luck and has a very hard time asking for help. And to all the people who will read this reply I stake my life and most honorable reputation on the fact that Todd Zoch is an honest, caring family man who because of his health issues is having a very hard time right now. I hope bad luck doesn't happen to the mislead people who have posted on this website but if it does I hope people state falsehoods about you and try to smear your reputation and make you look bad like you have done to our friend. Todd hang in there if you waste your time reading these malicious posts always know we are here for you my brother in arms.
A  2nd of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Todd is definitely a con artist and a scammer. I'm happy this post is here I just wish I would've read it before he scammed me out of $2, 500 damn shame what that man does to people. I referred 6 people to him for auto sales and he had me referral checks sent directly to himself. I hope you die and burn in hell you ###ing piece of ###
N  27th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Poster KZ10 aka kristi Zimmerman US district court case number 009cv04681 jne/jjk and this person along with Chris Mauzy are saying my client is a fraud.
A  29th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
"minneapolis atty" is Todd pretending to have an office from another one of his con victims. He is a complete con artist and will surely end up in prison. He may very well believe these lies at this point and is most likely crazy. Stay away from him.
D  12th of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
This board is so full of untruths why don't people use their real name's???? To the people who used their real names I find your comments to be more honest only people who are bitter or have something against someone hide who they are all of you with no names are a total JOKE
A  8th of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
Dear former military comrades of Todd Zoch, fellow victims and Todd,
I know you are trying to defend one of your own and I completely understand that but you knew him at a different time and a different form. I am one of the people he has also done this to. I agree he has a good heart, somewhere. The man you knew is very different from the man that has been with so many here. I know for a fact that there was one day he said he had been in the hospital and needed XYZ for ABC and all in cash to speed the results. I found out later that perhaps he had been to the doctor but with the money I could not afford to release he turned around, bought ice cream shakes for the entire sales floor of the dealership and bragged that he just got a wad of cash. Another time, he took it and went to play golf.
He swore that he would bring my business business in return for the loans. Told me he was meeting with the people who would contact me but nothing ever was produced. He complained about how his father was a cruel and unfair person to him because he kept him from his millions held in a trust fund and he was short on money because of it but it would be any day because he was meeting with his lawyer to get it straightened out. Told me that his "baby mama" ran out on him and his daughter to model in New York and wouldn't help him take care of his "Heaven".
Gentlemen, I do not consider myself a person that would willingly vocalize anything but when the stories are true and you choose not to believe them at all it's a problem. I do not lie and I do not tear people a part for any reason but the stories from others submitted here are not unwarranted.
And Todd "Mr Attorney" you yourself would never openly state any truth, as for the rest of us not posting our names; don't you think that you have done enough damage to countless people, used countless people including your daughter and the mother of your daughter? It is all of us that chose to believe, it is us that gave willingly and openly because no one wants to see another distraught. But you never once have seen what it's like to be on the other side of your lies and the damage that they have caused to so many people. You know that when you willingly took money from myself and many others that every penny was a lie to your daughter? The food and clothes you bought her while they may have been very nice in looks the result was no different than the Oscar Wilde story A Picture of Dorian Gray. Every thing you stole and lied about took away a piece of you and your daughter from you. I hope that "Heaven's" mother has seen the light of day and she is far away from you because there is nothing that you will not lie about in order to get your way. So instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul or whatever it is that you do, why don't you at least start with getting some help for yourself so you can be a real father to your daughter. An innocent that never deserved to be used and mentally abused in the ways you have chosen to abuse her and believe me sir, you have. Then make restitution to those you have wronged.
Again, former military friends of Todd's, the words here are all true and I'm sorry that your once dear friend is not what you thought he was but he really is all of these things. If you are a true friend you will help him. He has a problem and it's not any different than any other addiction, he will need help and if for nothing else his daughter!
You can choose to put us all down but being blind to this makes you co-dependent which is what he wants. I don't wish him harm, I know that everything I gave him is lost despite the great burden that it has put on me and my family. He needs help!

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