Todd Wenzel Buick Gmc - Davison Michigan / repair of 2013 silverado 1500 lt extended cab with tailgate assist

1 Davison, MI, United States
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June 10, 2017. The tail gate was hit and needed repair, someone backed into the tail gate while down. Todd Wenzel did the repair.
When checking the work before signing anything I tried to open the tail gate it was stuck and wouldn't open.
(I bought the Truck with tail gate assist.)
The sales men took the truck and adjusted the hinges. So the 2ed time I attempted to check the tail gate. I pulled the handle and the tailgate slammed open to the point It startled me and I jumped back.
I said it had tail gate assist before the repair. The sales men told me that General Motors knows when tailgates are repaired that people loose the assist. This truck only has 43000 miles on it and we bought it brand new. I don't like Toddy's Wenzel GMC and would not return, (Do to other things that happened during this repair) however, if this is true, that GM doe this, I'm very disappointed in knowing that after the sale that GM turns up there nose at the consumer. Please reply and explain to me what's going on. because now if I wanted to sell this truck I have to explain the Tail Gate assist problem

Jun 10, 2017

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