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I am disabled, receive SSDI & Medicare Heatlt ergo... Medicare Part D Rx coverage. I joined Today's Options which is a private "Fee for Service". They incorporate both your Health coverage along w/ Part D prescription coverage.
The health insurance is fine, but the prescription is a seperate "out sourced" portion of their plan & it is the worst Part D plan available. All the call centers are in the Philipenes & the language barrier is terrible. The reps don't even have the most basic information & are apparently hired to have thick skin & only say "I'm Sorry" over & over again.
I'm in a bind because I require a lot of medical procedures & attention, & their health plan saves me money vs. Medicare. They know this & make their (huge) profits by rolling it all together (health & Rx) then outsource the Rx coverage overseas but under their American corporate umbrella.
My local rep was at a national meeting & told a V.P. of all the Rx Plan complaints he was getting & reply he received was; "I know. But look at the price of the unit"
Please take my advice. Stay Away - Stay Away!!


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  • Da
      Apr 03, 2008
    Today's Options - Fraud
    Today's Options
    United States

    They prey on the elderly. This company contacted my 82 year old aunt, tried to talk her into changing her prescription drug coverage, and, after she refused, did it anyway. We are now in the process of having this corrected and determining how we can file charges for fraud against Today's Options. Stay away from anything connected to Today's Options!

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  • Th
      May 06, 2009
    Today's Options - Providers
    North Carolina
    United States

    Today's Options medicare advantage is crap and so is there customer service. You can not find a provider on a website anywhere. Everywhere I have called does not accept it. When you call customer service for assistance, they act as if it is all new to them. They do very little about finding you a provider. I was actually told one time to check the phone book and see who may take it in my area. That is just great for senior citizens...NOT

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  • He
      Jan 04, 2010
    Today's Options - Incorrect Information
    Today's Options
    United States

    I was told that this policy was a supplement to Medicare. Now I'm finding out this policy takes the place of Medicare

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