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Todays Better Health / Un authorized account withdrawl

1 Burbank, CA, United States

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I saw an ad on television or Extenze, a male enhancement product. They offer a "free" 7 day trial of this product at "no charge" to you. We thought it may be fun to try a male/sexual enhancement product for a week, but truely didnt have any intentions of actually going on with further purchases of this product. After recieving the trial and taking it for 2 days, I noticed my bank account had been charged $49.91 from Extenze. I called and disbuted this transaction and told them that I only wanted the trial. The customer service lady told me I had to cancel within 3 days of ordering the trial or I would be billed and sent another month supply. The trial takes 5-7 business days to arrive. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENCE????? She said send the product back when it arrives for a full refund. I suppose thats simple enough.

Now the good part! :( I returned the product and am currently awaiting my refund. While checking my account balance today to see if I had been rufunded yet, I noticed an un-authorized transaction from TODAYS BETTER HEALTH in the amount of $188.92!!! Thats almost $200 I immediatly got on the phone with my bank and looked this company up online only to find these forums about this company scamming people and making un authorized withdrawls from peoples account! The difference between my story and most of the ones im reading is I NEVER spoke with ANYONE at all from TODAYS BETTER HEALTH EVER!!! When I finally got ahold of a customer service rep he told me that his records indicate me speaking with somone on Feb 2nd, and that I recived 3 bottles of there product. This never happened! I remember being at work and missing a call From an 800 number. My phone rang again about an hr later from the same number. I answered, said hello a few times and then hung up because there was no one on the line.

Now that I have looked into this situation I can see that this un familiar 800 number is in fact TODAYS BETTER HEALTH. I would sure like to know how in my 2 second phone conversation with absolutley NO ONE, I could have possibly authorized a transaction for almost $200 for a product i have never even heard of!!! THIS IS FRAUD IT IS ILLEGAL, AND IT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG!!! It is obviously an ongoing problem and something NEEDS to be done about it.

Adam Tomasino


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