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Toc's Coffeehouse / Hair with a side of attitude

1 United States

I ate at Toc's coffeehouse near Harry and George Washington blvd and found a black curly strand in my basket of fries. Call me disgusting, but I really don't care about getting sick and normally would continue to eat. But that is not the point, I notified the waitress and showed her the fry with the strand on the fries and the acting manager hopped up with a very offensive line from across the room telling me that there is no way that a hair could be in fries since they come out of a fryer. "I assumed it was a hair, but it could have been a piece of thread..." "were not going to do anything about that..." (I was not taken seriously). What sick person would go around placing fake hairs in their food to not pay for it!?

Call it a coincidence, but the very last time I ate there months ago, I found what was obviously a hair from the black haired cook in my basket of fries and got a refund instantly, with no problems. For me its not about the hair (stuff happens) but its the horrible employee attitudes and bad service.

As for most people hearing of two incidents of finding foreign objects out of fries would be enough to produce the shivers. But like I said earlier, the offensive response and disgraceful attitude from the young man in charge was far worse than the unacceptable food. That is why they have lost at least one customer. This is the first time I have had to complain about a service, but the general public deserve justice.

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