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TNT Parker Auto Broker / Ripped off

1 United States

This auto broker made me several promises to fix the things on my vehicle that needed tending to but, after I signed the papers and they took my money NOTHING got fixed. They told me to bring them the vehicle and they would take it to a service shop to get some things on it fixed. I brought it to them and went home. I came back out later and saw them working on the vehicle in their car lot! I guess they figures they had my vehicle I wouldn't see them. When I got the vehicle back they told me they took it to their service guy. Some of the problems seemed to be fixed but upon closer evaluation the had rigged the stuff to keep from paying for the replacement parts. I found clear silicon glue holding things together that wasn't like that when I left the vehicle with them. I ask them about parts they were suppose to order several times and was always told I haven't ordered them yet. But again when I got the vehicle I was told the parts had been ordered.

As part of the agreement TNT has your oil changed to keep up the 2 year warranty. I got several letters in the mail that they were changing oil service company's. When I went to take my vehicle to get a oil change they refused to change it, they said TNT had not pay their bill and was not returning collection calls. There for my warranty would be void if I didn't get my oil changed. I took the car else where and it cost me 50.00 TNT would only reimburse 20.00!

The vehicle had also been wrecked and we were told they didn't know that but, they bought it wrecked at a auction. About everyone of their cars come from the auction.

My vehicle has never been fixed and is having horrible electrical problems. I would not give these people my money until everything is fixed and you have it looked at by a professional.

Also their car lot is always empty. They say the cars are somewhere else but that doesn't make sense. They had cars there when I bought mine.


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