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I have noticed that the managers and HR director are a bunch of immature individuals that can't handle their own responsibilities and their own actions. Once I spoke up on the problem that I have been dealing with, Gloria, the regional manager and Tia, the HR Director, have been really unprofessional about personal situations. There is an employee that works there that was called out of her name just utterly disrespectful and she declined the sale. It brought her to tears. She went back and told Gloria what happen and her response was to her, "Don't take what people say to you personally. Don't take things (their actions) personally." That is something as a manager don't tell her employees especially when they are being mistreated and disrespectful. As far as, Gloria and Tia are concerned, their attitudes, the way they are setting an image for the company that they work for is just utterly ridiculous and t hey need to be checked for that. It's just uncalled for that someone will just ignore something like. Who knows what's next and how long that they have been sweeping problems under the rug and walking off.

Sep 21, 2017

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