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1 WI, United States

I have been having trouble with them for a while now with dropped calls and no answers to anything I ask. Now I lost my phone and I had insurance on well to replace it will cost me 130.00 dollars (yet when I got my insurance plan it was going to be 50.00 what happened ????????) So I did not get angry I just thought I should up grade phone instead as this one was over a year old anyways. I talked to the lady who stated the new phone i was going to get was exactly like my old one just an updated one. So I payed the money. NOT!!! It had a much smaller screen and just was not anything that I had asked for. So I returned It the very next day after talking to them, I was to get my money returned with -in 72 Hours of calling in the tracking number of the phone. 72 hours came and went. I called to be told that it could take up to 30 days!!! Why????? that is there policy. Now if I was using that money for a different phone I could get credit now but because I decided not to do a new contract it will take time. The problem is after talking to them before I sent the phone back and being told that it only took 72 hours I paid the insurance to get my replacement phone sent to me. If I had been told it took 30 days to return the money I would not have paid for the replacement phone until the money came back. I am like most people I budget money according to need and i would have waited. I talked to 3 supervisor who promised to call me back guess what NOT ONE called to say anything. I hate being told one thing and something else happens If I did that with there money when I paid the bill they would cut me off. So I sit and wait...

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