Tme Warner Cable Arena / Bad service

I went on line to the Time Warner Arena in Charoltte's website to purchase tickets for the up coming AC/DC concert for 12/18. I purchased the tickets not 5 mintues after they went on sell. I was charged $500 a seat. When we arrived at the concert and with talking to everyone around us they had only been charged $98 a seat and they to had bought tickets through Time Warner Arena.

I contacted Premier Seats and was told that Time Warner's website must have kicked me over to their website either because of high volume to their website or because the concert was sold out.I ask why such a price difference and the reason I was given was Time Warner and Premier Seats both get a percentage of the cost.

Per my conversation with the customer service rep this was Time Warners fault and there was nothing they could do.

I wonder how many more people Premier Seats has ripped off and the people are un-aware.

I will never purchase tickets from any company on line again.

Buyers Beware.


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