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I subscribe to the Streamyx RM60 package after learning of an offer which doesn't require me to pay the activation + installation fee = (RM163) [of cause, after P1 WiMAX emerged as the strongest competitor of Streamyx]. I was also told that I only need to pay RM60 and only RM60, no extra charge. Unfortunately, I was charged an addition of RM110 as 'subscription fee' and this blows me up... Really, seriously angry!!! I never knew there is this [censored] called 'subscription fee' and it is never stated in any paper. And still, I had asked them, before subscribing to Streamyx, on whether I will be charged additionally or not, even though it was clearly printed on the leaflet and was also clearly told that there will be no additional charge and the answer is "guarantied, no". I have just received its bill, 1st one, and plan to bring this matter to the Streamyx provider (Telekom Malaysia), my place branch. Yelling confirmed!

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  • Fa
      6th of May, 2011
    TM Streamyx - Level of service
    Telekom Malaysia Berhad

    Subscribed to broadband services on 21/4/2010 with the package & advertisement of installation charges waived & a free dect phone. While the Internet is always disconnected during rainy days, dect phone was not given as advertised. Today, 6/5/2011 one year later & warranty expired, modem doesn't seem to operate anymore. Provider's technician informed that the modem is faulty & we have to buy a new modem. How convenient, right?? TM waived the installation charges & one year later we have to buy a new modem which costs RM130++. Besides that, we have to have the subscription fee of RM110. What total crooks & a rip off scheme!!

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