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TK Worldwide/Auto Sales Training


misrepresentation of program

Complaint Rating:  65 % with 31 votes
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TK Worldwide
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 1-888-350-3310
Warning!! Be careful! Do not give your money to tk worldwide auto sales training. They have a 3 day class and charge you 294. 00 without the guarantee of your finding a job. If you have never done sales before, the instructor will play on your ignorance and tell you that you can walk into any auto dealership and get a job from his training. Realistically, no one can sale unless they gain actual experience on the floor. You cannot be a successful sales person in 3 days in a classroom!!

The sales method they teach is the same used in all dealerships although they claim it is cutting edge. You can do a google and find what they teach.



If you are a beginner, you might be swayed by the teacher. Watch out!! Don't give these people your money! Three days for 294. 00 is absurd. If you are a beginner in sales, you cannot become successful with just 3 days of classroom training! Hold onto your money!!
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D  25th of Aug, 2009 by    +1 Votes
This company has done nothing but help people. They helped me, and many people I know in the business. If they are so bad, (as you say) why are there over 1000 users on the their on line virtual training platform talking to each? Most of whom graduated from their training program. They make that site to help you, and you go to another site and bash them! That's messed up! You should call their office if you have beef with them, and at least give them a chance to rectify anything that may have happened to you, rather than slinging garbage at them from behind their backs! P.S. My experience is that before I went through TK Worldwide's training class I was an under paid teacher making less than $30, 000 per year, and now I'm on track for $75, 000 my first year! So, I guess you can make excuses for your lack of success. Me? I chose to do something about it, and If I want to talk to anyone at the offices of TK Worldwide, Inc. I pick up the phone, or contact them via their platform, and they are always there to help me...
D  25th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
My friend told me about finding this complaint right after I recommended they go through a TK W orldwide training program here in Raleigh that was being offered to her. I couldn't believe it when I read this complaint by "Renee". I was recommending the program to my friend because the training I recieved from them at a dealership just over 3 years ago was phenominal and it gave me the tools I needed to change my life for the better... much better. I am now a Finance Manager and I owe it all to my hard work, positive mind set, and what I learned from TK W. When I was invited to attend the Training I was not in a good place in life and I wasn't living right. The TK training was much more to me than "how to sell a car" it was how to make yourself successful in life. I still use the Goal Setting Skills that I learned in the class today as a manager in the business. Like the guy said in the comment above maybe you just had a "bad trainer" and you should tell the company about it. I called the office a little over a year ago 2 years after they trained me to ask for any information they had on "Menu" selling for my F & I work and I spoke with Kevin the owner himself who had his team email me everything I needed to learn what I needed to know about that selling system. That's support provided to me 2 years after the training program and about 1 year 9 months after the dealership refunded me my $200 something dollars that I had paid for the training materials. Let me end by saying $200 dollars was a lot of money to me at the time but today $200+ is what I spend on Friday night dinner "date night" with my wife... Everything this company promised me happened as they said and more. Thank you is all I have to say to this company.
N  25th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Maybe the guy who taught Renee was indeed a sleaze ball, pulling the wool over any sucker he can get into his training sessions. It doesn't mean everyone is being taught by the same individual. This TK-whatever company may be getting profits from recruiting people for dealerships, so quantity may overrule quality. But seriously, which dealerships are NOT getting hit in this economy, HERE in the states? There are places closing (which I've seen) and maybe even cutting headcount. I don't even see how anyone looking for a job would bother applying to a dealership for a sales position. Plus, if you have no sales experience, common sense should tell you to start a job that requires what you already know. Go work for Best Buy as a cashier and work your way up to the electronics sale floor, or something.

As a final word, I wouldn't doubt the previous 2 comments are employees as said TK-Whatever trying to do damage control on this forum.
A  14th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Doesn't it make sense that the car dealer must pay for the class if it is taking place at their store if it were legit? Training for a job must be on the back of the dealer. Hey, King Suzuki of Deerfield, GO POUND SALT! You are taking payola for the use of your name. And to anyone dumb enough to attempt this path to employment, never pay a kick back in the hope of a job or job interview (this is a pretty sleazy arrangement if you haven't been told before). And I'd at least expect a reach-around while I'm getting my ### penetrated by their so-called trainer.
D  15th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
40, 000 people did, and they've made over $3, 000, 000, 000 this year combined...
N  23rd of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I apologize for not following up on the complaint. I must say that the people at the top of TK Worldwide are wonderful people. They treat you as if your opinion matters and really listen to your concerns. They will do everything to help you resolve your issues. What more can you ask??

Although, I have never completed a TK Worldwide course, the instructors are top of the line. They KNOW how to sale and have a career to back up their talk.

Again, TK Worldwide might be a great course for the RIGHT people.
N  23rd of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Dealing with the top people of TK Worldwide...they keep their word. It is refreshing to know you can trust the business. That means alot in today's world.
A  14th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
"TK WORLDWIDE" IS A COMPANY OF MISLEADING, DISHONEST PEOPLE WHO WASTE YOUR TIME!!! I just had a personal experience with this and got burned.

Once they "train" you, they have you SIT AROUND and DO NOTHING for days at a time.. wasting your time. Once the cars need to be moved into another lot for the night, they put you to work. The TRUTH is... whatever they teach you is a load of garbage and not worth $300.

They know how to sweet talk and measle their way out of any accusation, so don't believe them.

DO NOT work for that company. They'll take your money to train you on basics that you could learn anywhere.
D  27th of Jan, 2010 by    -1 Votes
This company provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to make there way into the automotive sales world. My trainer Ray Rizzo not only provided me the neccesary training but also changed the way I look at life in general. I landed the job of my dreams thanks to the training program, for those who couldn't secure a position...it wasnt the lack of training...it was probably your lack of confidence and enthusiam...excitment sells!
People only buy a product from someone they like and trust, it's not TK automotive's fault that people just dont like you!
N  28th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes

tk world wide - just for thought
United States

no complaint, just listen
A  9th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
TK Worldwide is a huge gamble for trainer or student. Yes, you may make some money as a trainer, or you may get a position in one of the dealerships...however, odds are against you. I was solicited to be a trainer. After fact-checking, the owner did not have the experience or positions he claimed to have. This is a case of someone using others talents and claiming they stem from his own, which they do not. All in all, a fast tongue with nothing to back it up. If you are a trainer and work with him, he will make sure he gets paid from you with idle threats, if you are involved in a training session, you will have to pay and the company really has no say in anyone getting hired. These fear-based methods are antiquated and are not a legitimate means of obtaining real employment. He told me all that is important is HIS relationship with the dealership. Guess that tells you what anything else means to him. This includes trainers and students. Let this be a warning for all. One thing to remember is that his trainers are not even employees of his. They are contractors and only earn money from the dealership and students. Obviously, they would want as many people as possible in the class in order to make more money. I say, if you are either thinking of being a trainer for him, or taking one of the training classes, give their office a call and see if he will even speak to you. Odds are, he will not. IF he does, ask where his experience comes from and check it out for yourself. Why is this important? He says he is the one who trains the trainers. Overall, a very bad feeling from all this.
A  11th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I was surprised to see there were not more compaints about this type of business practice. Hopefully people read this post before they give these people money. It seems JimJ has some interesting things to say. Sounds about right with all these other businesses being caught doing things like this. With the economy being so tough, I guess there is always someone looking to take advantage of you. I went to one of these "group interviews" and chose not to attend after I was told I had to pay them to work there. It didn't seem right to me. It reminded me of those group insurance interviews I got tricked into when I got out of college. I am not saying it is totally bogus. There is always 1 person out of 100 that mange to make it for one reason or another. It just seems that it is a real struggle for most starting behind the game like that. Kind of strange the person who initially complained changed her story totally. Sounds kind of odd since she said she did not go through the program as well. No harm done to me, however I met a couple of other guys in that program and they didn't have a job (or their money) after the training. Makes you think...
D  12th of Feb, 2010 by    -2 Votes
Why do you all spend so much time talking negatively about things you don't know the facts on? Did you stop to think that Jimj might have a chip on his shoulder because of something he may have done to the company? Did you realize that Renee333 actually made positive comments AFTER she made the negative comments? Are you paying attention? Did you bother to look at their BBB rating? I did. It's an A. Did you also happen to think about the fact that they have over 1, 000 testimonials on their web site, and that they are on facebook and linked in, and they have a lot of fans, and I see no negative press whatsoever. Also, they have a web site, where you can register for free and talk all you want about the good the bad and ugly. So, it looks to me like they are a good company. It would seem that you all are talking about something as if you know things, yet, in reality, you know nothing at all about the company you speak of.
Get a life!
A  12th of Feb, 2010 by    +3 Votes
If you look at the posts, it seems M J II is either an employee or owner of this company. His comments are all defensive in the company's behalf. I have done some research and these "training companies" all seem to be the same. They just want your money and promise you the moon. If you look at the numbers, the industries hardest hit are Housing and Cars. The world is changing. No one wants to be pushed like they push people any more. Mercedes has already put together online ordering of their cars. Won't be long before you can order online and pick it up at Wal Mart. Dealerships are a tired dinosaur and will be a thing of the past soon. Last year alone, thousands of dealers around the country went out of business. The rest scaled down to skeleton crews. I know there used to be good money (but questionable tactics) in this industry, however that is a thing of the past. Who wants to work nights/weekends/holidays for low pay. This is a consumer protection website. These guys are salesmen, and will say and do anything to convince you they are legit. Be smart, do your homework, and let the facts influence your decision, not some fast-talker with an agenda.
A  23rd of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This is a SCAM. Ray Rizzo is a farce. Yes, he knows his stuff but he was misleading and a liar. All he wanted was the money. He PROMISED EVERYONE A JOB if they went through his training, then on Friday when the class was about to end he gave us a sheet to sign that CLEARLY STATES regardless of what the trainer has told you you are NOT guaranteed a job. I think it is ridiculous that they are taking money from people in michigan preying on the fact we are desperate to get a job here. I couldn't believe when i confronted this guy he still tried to lie to me and say the only thing I am signing is that if I don't pass a drug test I won't get a job. Do not give them cash unless you are purely interested in training to sell cars.
I went there initially because i got an email saying it was from an HR rep from Victory automotive and they saw my resume on careerbuilder and wanted a face to face interview...The interview was from TK Worldwide, not Victory Automotive...another lie. It started off with a lie and ended with a lie. Luckily I didn't sign the paper and got my cash back.
D  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
If you feel you were being lied to than you should call the office where this guy Ray works, and ask to speak to owner of the company and tell him what you experienced. Just because you had a bad experience with this guy doesn't mean you should bash the whole company like that. That was NOT my experience, nor was it the experience of anyone else I knew who has gone through the training. Besides, he gave you back your money didn't he?

In addition, when I started reading this post, I noticed that the person who STARTED this post (Renee333) actually retracted her initial complaint 5 comment down...

and I quote... (I apologize for not following up on the complaint. I must say that the people at the top of TK Worldwide are wonderful people. They treat you as if your opinion matters and really listen to your concerns. They will do everything to help you resolve your issues. What more can you ask??)

So, if you have a complaint about the company, I would suggest you call their home office and ask to speak to someone in charge. They do have an A Rating with the BBB and apparently train thousands of people per year. You might actually be hurting people by turning them off to this type of opportunity when right now, great training and job placement seem to be so hard to come by these days. Personally, I have no regrets about my experiences with them, and would not have it any other way.
D  6th of Jan, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I was a student of TK WORLDWIDE in Clearwater Florida and I am NOT an employee of TK. I need to clear up some of the misconceptions in these posts and hopefully impart a clear - concise picture of TKW. I was responding to an invitation to interview based on my resume. Out of 90+ respondents less than 30 were asked to participate in the class - it was clearly explained at the initial interview if we were selected by the dealership it would cost us 298 dollars which would be reimbursed by the dealer after completing 3 months service. We were all told the same thing - TK guaranteed nothing but an education - if after the three days were up ANY of us could have refused to pay the 300 and walked. The key was most were not going to be selected by Dimmitt and that meant less money for TK - the deal was for every person selected it would cost 1000.00 on top of what the dealership was paying for the service - I have no idea what or if there was money above and beyond the folks selected. We all knew there was not 30 jobs - we were told there were other jobs - other than sales that were being filled out of this group. So after 3 days of excellent insight into the car business and the system being used to pay sales staff at Dimmitt, all were interviewed by 8 different members of the Dimmitt staff. I said 8 and that is how many interviews I passed to get my job offer. Myself and 6 others were offered jobs pending drug screens and background checks - 7K for 3 days - not bad for TK or Tim the trainer as he got us ready to go and he did a great job. Here is where the whole thing unraveled for me - I had 2 items come up in my background check - I was cleared to work in Jackson WY at the airport by the Jackson police and Homeland Security - so when asked if there was anything they needed to know about in my background - I said NO. (by the way I was completely exonerated on both issues - b4 court) I was walked - but told by David Long the Director of sales at Dimmitt - he wanted me on his team - Tim urged me to be the squeaky wheel and I'd get the job. 8 weeks of squeak and I was told David didn't have the juice to get me in. Big disappointment as I wanted to work in an upscale dealership. We were all told if we didn't get hired - this was not the end of the road - we were trained and could easily be placed in other dealers in our area. I took that for face value and kept in touch with Tim - consequently he was great throughout the process. The staff at TK initially was dismal - apparently most people in my situation just go away and cry in their coffee - I figured they had my money - I was not getting it back and they promised to get me a job - I had been squeaking for 8 weeks and I wasn't going to stop until I either was turned down by every decent dealer in my area or I got a job. I was asked to put together a list of dealers in the area I could see myself employed by - Rita Blizzard had taken over my file and she asked for a bunch of things to make it easier for her to introduce me and get me interviewed. Within two weeks I had 2 interviews - Rita is ON THE JOB and I believe she is truly my advocate. I will tell you all I had to shake the tree pretty hard but I think what I did was make them examine how they handle their grads. I have passed two comprehensive interviews where I disclosed my 2 items and today I took a drug screen and signed the forms allowing them to check my background. I should be hired at Ftizgerald Auto Mall selling Chrysler, Jeep, Subaru, and Suzuki - not exactly Cadillacs but I am very satisfied - given the opportunity I can make it work selling just about anything. Moral - you can complain and prejudge every opportunity - look at the small print and know that your destiny is your responsibility.
N  8th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
A  12th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
To comment on the topic. I have read up on this company. I also to make it clear, am a professional trainer, and manger for dealerships for many years. My real experience is the sales and staff. I have hired companies and my former boss the owner of the dealership has always hired companies who operated like this. Until one time, this real idiot came and I had enough, and told the boss/owner no more. We never got any qualified people, and they were never trained. Let me just say for common sense, that training is an always continueing thing. You can not do it in three days. I also know and feel that hiring and training is and should be on the back of the hiring dealer, period. If they choose to go outside of inhouse training, well the owner should pay, and have that trainer come often, that simple. These other companies that operate like this company, I personally have never seen any results, nor have I ever able to have a keeper. They hire whomever comes in, for the class, to which they get paid anyway, but again it would be too long to explain. I would agree with JimJ and Donlaw1. Donlaw had a great explanation, if you have to pay to work somewhere then, it is not a place for me. I would never authorize this, but when approach by this and other companies, they try to say it is the committment for the employee. For me, BS because I would never ask someone to work for me for free, nor pay me to work for me. It is a partnership. I must provide training, and some incoming customers. The employee is to also bring in customers, and follow my program for the sales that they have been taught, period. Anyone who disagrees, does not know the car business.
N  12th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I would also like to add that this person is copying other companies tactics, and they have operated like this for years, and decades actually. Being though I have read the experience of the owner in question, he did not list any title and i do know people who he says where he worked, so hope he don't want to go there, and also to add, that it is simple, this is a small company number one, but more important, how can they have this many complaints, so they come out of thin air!!! They have complaints, all over, even when you try to google, it comes up before you finsih typing about complaints. So do the math, a small company, with tons of complaints. Let's be real you can not please everone, but wholly smokes, complaints from all over. I would also add that training a good salesperson, takes a person who can be trained, generally nice person, and work ethic. Just like many other jobs Even though a complicated business to explain to others, someone in another complaint put a guide of sales, and it seemed to be fair. It takes practice and also tons of experience behind you, when you do not have that support, failure is going to happen, thus is why companies like this continue to be able to do business, and why there is so much turnover in the industry. Hope it helps those who are confused.

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