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tjf payday loans / payday loan

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About three weeks ago I received a rather shocking phone call on my cell phone (how they got my number i have not the foggiest clue). From a man saying his name was David jones, but had a some kind of heavy accent telling me to watch my language because the call was being transmited to a judge. I was just floored. My day got much better from there. He proceeded to tell me that I was being charged with all kinds of fraud from a loan that I took out in oct. of 2008 and had ALL of my personal information. <br />
<br />
When I informed him that I had no idea what he was talking about, and was calling the police, he informed me that I would be arrested at 2 that afternoon. Well the only police that showed up that day were the ones that I called. I have since changed my cell phone number, only to have him call my mother in law, was well as where I work repeatedly. <br />
<br />
I have called the police every time. The latest time, It was after he had called where I worked every half an hour all day long. The deputy that came out suggested that I get as much information as I can and act like I am going to pay them, since there is no working phone number and no address for this company. <br />
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I am really sick and tired of getting these contstant bombatdment of messages of phone calls from this company when I have done nothing I have never even applied for a payday loan. The police have said that there is not much that they can do at this point in time. I would love to find a real phone number or something for this company, because then I may have some ramifications for this huge headache. <br />
<br />
One thing is for sure I deal with people who get scammed by people all day everyday and I know the warning signs and I am not going to give these people who have absolutely nothing better to do and dont have real jobs take the money that I work hard for.

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      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    This is at least one violation of the FDCPA. They can not by law make false or intimadating threats. If you get another call tell them not to ever call you on your cell phone again. Tell them okay, you are also recording the conversation. Give out no further information. Let the person speak. Then hang up. There are numerous websites that offer free advise. I know payday loans have certain obligations which I am not familar enough with. You can google PayDay Loans. Also Google FDCPA. Go to the Clark Howard website. You can email questions and his staff will respond to you. You can also get the number to call into his radio show.
    Never let anyone threaten or intimidate you. You can also purchase a device for your phone to record the conversation. Check the law in your state regarding actually recording a phone conversation. Every violation of the FDCPA is worth up $1000.00 if you take them to court.

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      4th of Jun, 2009
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    I received a call from a man named steve carter at tjf who left me a voicemail at work and on my cellphone stating that he was trying to collect a debt and if i didnt call him back he i would be sent to court. He left a phone# (516)833-3293 stating that that is where he could be reached. Everytime he called my job or cell phone it came up as a private. I obtained the phone# from the voicemail he left me. He stated that he was calling regarding a debt that I had incurred on 05/08/08 of last year in the amount of $550 which i had applied for electronically online, was deposited into my bank acct. He also stated that I had been delinquent on the repayment. I told him that I havent gotten a loan and do not have a clue of who he is. I told him that I would be getting off within the last 45minutes and I would give him a call back. When I got off, I called steve carter at the # above and he stated that he could have the Sr. Investigator deal with this matter since I had told him earlier that I didnt get a loan from them. The Sr investigator's name was Ivy Foster, she stated that $420 was electronically posted into my account sometime in 2008. She didnt have a specific timeframe. The thing that is really scary is that they knew my information. I asked her if she could send me documentation showing that i received this loan, she stated that the information would have to be sent from their investigation unit. I asked her had they ever sent me anything before, she stated that there was no need for them to send me anything at that time. they only send out information if you are being summoned for court. I told her that i was going to call my bank to see if there were any deposits of that nature put into my acct anytime last year and give her a call back. I called my bank and they stated that I had never received any funds in the acct in question. I called tjf back and spoke with Ivy Foster again and she stated that she doesnt have time for my nonsense and i can wait on the paperwork from the investigation to be summoned for court. I heard alot of noise in the background, i said you sound like you are at home not in an office. she said laughling, i am. I told her do not call my cellphone, job or any other#'s she has listed for me. she said that is fine but i will be summoned for court, i told her that i would just wait for that information and go from there.

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