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TJ Consulting / Stay away!

1 4790 Red Bank Road Expressway Suite 206Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 513-271 -1050

I don't know enough about legal issues to answer this question, but I really want to know how and if this place is legitimately operating. Seriously, it is shady beyond belief.

I unfortunately didn't do my research on this place after I quit. It is a descendant company of DS Max and is an MLM firm that makes its money off of recruits more so than its products. Feed DS Max into any search engine, which you probably already did if you are here, and you will find umpteen pages of disillusioned bloggers sharing their nightmares from their jobs at its descendant companies. Supposedly, people who work for DS Max descendants are technically not employees of the company but rather individual contractors. This is a fact that you will not learn until after you've accepted the job. The manager will try to pass it off as trivial, but what it really means is that the company is absolved of all responsibility of your well-being while on the job. That means if you get severely injured, it's out of your pocket. I'll also say that the sales tactics that TJ Consulting uses are dubious at best, as they are at the vast majority of DS Max descendants. Oh, and TJ Consulting pays on commission only. Not everybody there hides this fact, but during your interviews, some employees may brush over this fact in order to keep you from walking out.

To anybody reading this report with the intention of interviewing at TJ Consulting, BEWARE. Their interviews are highly deceptive. If you are desperate for a job and willing to take about anything that you are offered, please save yourself time and grief and don't even walk into this place. Your first round interview will last only 5-10 minutes which is not normal for those of you new to the job market. If you are naive and impressionable, or maybe just seem like someone who would knowingly follow through with a questionable get rich quick scheme, The manager will feed you BS about what a great candidate you are out of the hundreds he views each week, and he will invite you back to a second round interview and tell you to clear your schedule from 10ish to 6 30 or some time in the evening. Trust me: the turnover rate at this place is high and his income is extremely precarious, as it depends on the sales of those beneath him who are not all that productive. He's not making much off of sales either and has to pay office rent out of his own pocket. Believe me when I say he's hiring whoever he can get. He will not even tell you what you are doing on the second day interview except that you will be observing a typical work day. Your second round interviewer will likely be one of the more charismatic people in the office, preferably (in the managers point of view) a smooth talker who can convince you that everybody in the office makes GREAT money and is working their way up to management to have his own office. You will soon go out on the interview to discover that the job is nothing more than door-to-door sales of office supplies to businesses! Even worse, the supplies that TJ Consulting sells can be bought online without a middleman. If your interviewer is good, he can present this kind of door to door sales as palatable and keep you interested. If he's really good, he can use his charisma to keep the businesses from throwing him out, and he might even make a few sales and convince you to come on board.

On your first day of work, or maybe later, the truth of this place manifests itself: workers living on the threshold of poverty, sales techniques requiring you to bully potential customers, not technically being an employee of TJ Consulting, LONG hours, commission only pay, and cultish and manipulative ways of dealing with 'employees' that include false promises of management, regulation of conversation, and odd speech codes that I can only describe as an Orwellian nightmare as a means to keep them slaving away and bringing in an income to the owner, albeit an unviable one. Remember how I said they don't actually make you an employee? Well, if they send you to a place where soliciting is actually illegal and you get in trouble, well, I guess you should have known better. I wish I had done research before I went to my second job interview with them, as it would have saved me two days, a job interview and one day on the job before I decided to quit hearing what I wanted to from these con artists. My story is nothing compared to a lot of people who get caught up in a DS Max descendant. Many people have wasted innumerable amounts of time and gone into serious debt, believing that they could make up for it when they ran their own office. Do some more research on these companies and please, stay away.

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  • Sh
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I interviewed at that place. The guy interviewing me had no respect for anyone and just went into any business, even ones with no soliciting signs. When I asked him about it he said because he wasn't soliciting and that he was consulting. What an a#@hole.

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      13th of Nov, 2008
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    One word to describe this "consulting" company...SHADY! Do not attempt to interview or think about accepting a job for these ###. You will have better luck begging for money than making it with this awful place. I interviewed with this company and went on a "observing" interview and I wanted to [censored] and the douchebag driving me around. The piece of ### driving me around was named Josh. You could tell right off the bat that this guy was about as cool as cancer. You know that I'm talking about, that one douchebag who thinks he knows everything...but deep down knows he is a huge huge douche. Anyway, all we did was do door to door sales; in which you pay your own gas, along with straight commission. It's so stupid. Oh yeah, another interesting fact about this shade hole: they claim to be called "TJ consulting, " but when the douchebags pitch business's, they say they work for intuit Quickbooks, which is very misleading. I called the better BB, and I was told they have received many complaints on their practices and compensation, and they are looking into the company. So hopefully they will be shut down soon. I actually just got a job selling medical equipment making a great SALARY plus COMMISSION. So better jobs are available, please don't waste your time with this scam...I beg you.

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      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Hahahahaha, that's hilarious. That josh guy interviewed me for the company too! At the end of the day, he was like, "Wow, how much fun did we have today?" I thought to myself, "Wow, this guy is a huge douche." I quit that company also and found a better job. Also salary plus commission and a full benefit 401 K package. I work twice as less and make double the money these idiots make. If you work for this company for more than a day, you're an idiot.

  • Er
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow. Thank you soooo much for posting this complaint! I went in for an "initial job interview" today and they asked me to return for a second, shadow interview (which would be tomorrow) even though I'm an English major with ZERO sales experience. As you said, the interview lasted 20 minutes and the hiring manager said, " Now I don't usually do this, but I want to have you come in for a second interview tomorrow with one of our experienced sales representatives. Clear your schedule from 9:30 -5:30 tomorrow."
    At first I was happy because the market is terrible right now and I've been out of school for a couple months now -- so needless to say I'm getting desperate. However, after reviewing the situation about it in further detail, I began to question the company's validity. Afterall, it would be one thing to send a junior sales rep who's in training on a sales run with a experienced sales rep, but it's a whole different matter for a company to send someone who is on a second interview (someone who the company has only spoken to for a total of 20 minutes) on a sales run. How could they trust me so quickly? Wouldn't this be something done after the 3rd or 4th interview, or even during training? Better yet, how could I trust them?
    So I went home and I investigated their ONE (yep only one) client, Innovative Merchant Solutions, and discovered they have received countless accusations of fraud, dishonest business practices, and scam-like salesmenship. Next, I found this article which happens to be exactly the same process I went through. However, thanks to you I will not go through the pain of going to the second interview or employment because you have been my research! So I thank you again for posting this and I hope you find a legitimate job that bids you good fortune and solid business practices. Good luck.

  • Tj
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    FAO Ryvis:

    You are making a complaint about Tjconsulting Inc business which is operating in the US. However for some reason you entered the website address of, a company operating in the UK which has nothing to do with recruitment, interviewing and jobs! Please remove the link as soon as possible as this information is incorrect and is affecting the business reputaion of a completely unrelated business based in a different country.

    Many thanks,

    Tamara and James (thus TJConsulting)

  • An
      11th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please remove the company website from this article. I originally posted this complaint about TJ Consulting or TJC of Cincinnati, OH on [redacted] and never provided a website. I am not responsible for this article's appearance on On the original complaint, I provided the company address, phone number, and fax number, all of which correspond to the US. I am glad that the article has been pasted to other sites, but I ask that this website be removed from this page, as it is hurting a British company that is unrelated to TJC of Cincinnati. To the owners and associates of TJ Consulting in the UK, I apologize for any negative publicity the original article has caused your company. Thank you.

  • Ch
      17th of Jun, 2013
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    Too funny, half of the stuff complained about in here is obviously by people with no sales skills.. I have an association with an employee of this company, so was doing a background check on them. When I saw this complaint thing, I was a little concerned, but then looking through the notes at whose complaining, I now have to laugh... Cold calling where there's no soliciting signs?? OMG!! What a criminally insane idea!! Thanks for letting us know you have no clue about selling bud... Nice one!

    Secondly there are no base, commission only sales positions out there. Many people make a really good living doing that. I for one, did in the early days of my sales career, but that doesn't mean you put someone on a complaint board because they're one of 100, 000's of available jobs that are 100% commission. Get over it! If its not for you, then say no thanks and move on..

    What a bunch of young turd bags here whining about not getting a lazy job... grow up! Next time you come on a complaint board, actually have a VALID reason to complain...

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