Titanfail game / bad support

1 United Kingdom

support was terrible when one thing turned into another after several months of on going problems

the game was glitching I went thru all trouble shooters over several times and after 3 month of showing proof of others had/having similar issues they slammed the door and ended the support

after showing evidence multiple times to the support officer his boss took charge and withing 3 messages to each other EA shut the case even tho MS and respawn entertainment pointed me to EA as it was due to the game and not my console and ISP

if by anything if you decide to buy a game with an EA label just look ahead on who`s giving the support and if it`s EA then don`t chance it

this shows EA are incapable of the following

1, getting help from the game developer when it`s a game issue
2, accepting the truth from customers who are suffering
3, giving proper support when needed

May 20, 2015

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