Tiscali TV / illegal miss selling

extract from complaint letter
I have been a Tiscali customer for a few days and am already disgusted by the attitude of your staff.
When I called your sales department to ask for Tiscali broadband and telephone that was all I wanted. The woman I spoke to started to try to sell me Tiscali TV. I was very clear and I asked about the channels, I then asked "does it have Living TV as we watch that a lot" the woman said "yes we do" I replied "But it is not show on website are you sure as it is very important to us" she said "yes it does, I know this because I watch it all the time as I like Charmed, It definitely has Living TV". I agreed on this basis and as we went through the ordering process I checked again and she confirmed. Today was the installation date and there is no Living TV, The engineer said that it was ok as we have 12 days to cancel.
I then spoke to Frisal in cancellations and he said he could not cancel as we have a contract; he refused to put me through to a supervisor.
I then rang again and spoke to another person who's name I did not get who said that you do not have managers at all. He then said he had got advice from a manager proving he was lying. I spoke to the supervisor Kaleb Abdi who also was unhelpful saying that I had a contract which incidentally was only signed today so should have a cooling off period. He was not bothered that your company was acting illegally and the bad publicity you will get from mis-selling. He said that I would have to write and there would be an investigation and someone would get back to me. However I want the TV cancelled from today as I have to continue with SKY and am not willing to pay for two services at once.

So Tiscali lied to me to get me to take out something that I had not intended to. They commited fraud and now say that I cannot cancel despite being within the cooling of period and them being in breach of contract


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