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It takes a lot for me to post a bad review about a company, but this company is the worst I have dealt with online in 10 years.

Ordered tires for my car in storage in CA that was being driven to WA. I live overseas. Explained timing was critical as we were paying for flight to California to get car and had just 1 day there. Ordered with plenty of time. Contacted one of their installers and had tires shipped there. They alerted the installer about the first set (my car takes different front/rear tire sizes), so they made 2 separate shipments. They never notified the installer about the 2nd set coming, so when I called to confirm prior to our arrival, the installer said he had just sent the 2nd set of tires back with UPS and would not sign for them as Tires Easy had NEVER NOTIFIED HIM OF THE 2ND SET. Called Tires Easy and asked them to please contact UPS and have them redeliver as it was their fault they had not notified the installer that there were 2 shipments for me, not just one. They refused to help and wanted to refund me AFTER they got the original tires back - we were flying to California the next day -so this was not an option. I finally found a sympathetic soul at UPS after explaining that these people were idiots, could barely speak English and I really needed the tires as we were flying internationally to pick up a car. UPS did redeliver the tires to the installer, so I thought, all set to go.

When we arrived to have the tires installed, lo and behold, they have SHIPPED THE WRONG SIZE TIRES for one of the sets. The order was placed correctly, the size was shown correctly on the order form, but they shipped the wrong ones. Now, of course, we're stranded in California without tires, so I asked Tires Easy if they could please refund me immediately so that I could purchase a correct set of tires from the installer. THEY REFUSED!!! Said they couldn't refund until they got the tires back. I said, A. You shipped the wrong ones and B. I'm not even in possession of the tires - they are at your affliated installer!!! Horrible and got no help. Finally, ended up having to fork out more money to the installer to get a correct set of tires on and car made it back to Washington ok.

Got refund relatively fast after this as I filed a HUGE complaint with PayPal for fraud and PayPal got on them and they ended up having to refund me prior to them even getting the tires back due to Pay Pal pressure.

This all happened in June. It is now early August, and I have been informed by my partner who has been driving the car while in Washington that one of the 2 tires from Tires Easy that we did end up using (this was the correct size pair), had blown out and a tire dealer there said it was defective and should never have been sold.

I'm not going to even bother trying to get my money back, I'm overseas and just don't have time for their shenanigans and know they will be as rude, arrogant and unhelpful as they were in past dealings.

Take everyone's advice here that has been scammed, poor customer service, etc. This place is nothing but crooks - don't buy from them, spread the word and maybe if people stop buying, they'll go out of business. I have filed complaints with the BBB and State Attorney General's office in Oregon (which is where the US company is licensed for business), so I suggest anyone else here do the same. The more pressure, the more likely these shysters will be forced out.

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