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Tire Brakes & More / carlos installs bad motors

1 4758 San Juan Avenue,Jacksonville, FL, United States

Do not go to this shop for any engine work.I had a 95 honda civic and i did a motor swap 1.6ex engine for 1.8ls motor. This guy that runs the shop name carlos installed the 1.8 LS integra motor in my civic and it only lasted for about 2 months and THE MOTOR THREW A ROD.The mechanics at TNG CUSTOMS said that carlos brother had that same motor motor and he had problems with it overheating. So carlos knew it was a bad motor in the first place and offered to sell a bad motor to me for $1500, But i found that out after the motor went bad.And i just found out he dosent even have a MV liscence to work on engines anyway.So now i wasted $1500 on a bad motor and now i dont have any transportation all because a mechanic installed a sorry motor in my civic.If i would have been thinkin harder i would have kept my 1.6 ex engine.And also when he installed it the motor was sitting sideways and the O2 sensors, airflow sensors and pcv valve wasnt even hooked up so that the motor could run like it suppose to it was just wires layin everywhere.

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