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Timtechs / Rip Off

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In May 2008, my son purchased a cell phone from the a/n company for approx. $160 USD. It worked for less than 30 days and then shut down the service provider and locked itself. I contacted Timtechs who advised that as the 15 days were past there was nothing they could do. I then explained that less than 30 days of use was unreasonable and it looked like the phone just locked itself. I contacted the manufactuer and was advised that this particular phone was made for the Asian Market not the North American market therefore they couldn't touch it. I contacted the company directly by phone and was advised that if I courriered the phone immediately they would repair it for nothing. This was after I made several complaints to the company. I then paid an additional $70 to get it to the company within their deadline. I then waited four months, contacting them every few weeks to be told that the phone was in China get unlocked. I then called the company directly and said I wanted a result before the end of the week as this had gone on too long. Today they sent me an email stating that the problem with the phone was determined to be due to usage and therefore the only thing they would do was to credit me $20 on my next purchase. AS IF! Please make sure this company is added to any lists you have of disreputable sites so no one else has to learn this expensive lesson.

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  • Mi
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I had placed numerous orders with that same merchant and up till this day, all has been top notch from every looking angle. You should review their policy before placing an order, this is what I always do. If you passed the return deadline and they offered to repair your phone for no charge, then that is enough fact to claim that they are a decent merchant.

  • Ed
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I would have to agree with Michael Hazme. The fact that they offered to repair your phone even after the agreed upon policy says that they are at least reasonable. The wait time for the repair may seem like a long time, but you have to realize that phones are not an easy thing to fix and that they are bridging the gap between telephone and computer technology. Just because your phone does not get service does not mean that it "locked" itself. There are many factors to consider and you have to realize that a phone cannot just "lock" itself without having to be onset by something else (usually caused by the user). I am not saying that it is not possible, but in my experience and what I have read here TimTechs did more than they should have.

  • Se
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Timtechs LLC misrepresented product being sold. Sold cell phone in U.S. made for European market and frequencies. Phone will not work as advertised in U.S.

    I purchased a Samsung Omnia i900 cell phone from This phone is advertised on one of their web site pages:

    One of the claims made for the phone on TimTechs site is:
    Quick Connect
    Waiting for downloads is history with EDGE and 3G HSDPA connectivity. What Timtechs fails to advise or warn is that the phone is that the 3G and HSDPA features will not work in the U.S. market, since the phone is made for the European market.

    My first indication of the above is that the phone was shipped to me from Hong Kong, not from Newark, DE 19711 United States, the address listed on their web site, and that the phone was not called Omnia, but Player Addict, and that the only manual shipped with the phone was in FRENCH. No English language manual was included.

    After numerous email exchanges with TimTechs I was told:
    "Please be advised that as per our terms and conditions, we often supply phones of different versions and from different areas. This is due to the fact that our phones are imported. If it were to be an American model then this would have been stated in either the product title or the colour option selection. Therefore it is not the case that we have shipped the wrong phone. This would be where the UTMS band differences be..."

    In reading their "terms and conditions" I see no reference to what was mentioned. In any case, this information is well hidden on their web site and nowhere in the product information does it state that the phone may be made for a different market, or use different frequencies than those used in the U.S.

    When I talked about returning the phone, I was told that I would be charged 20% or more restocking fee, which in this case amounts to more than U.S. $80.00.

    Bottom line, I paid $400 for a phone that won't work as advertised in the U.S.

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