SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Shoddy mechanic quotes

The tire of my Harley Davidson went flat Friday afternoon, leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere. I called Timp Harley and asked them to come and tow my bike and repair the tire. So far, so good. When they got the bike they called me back and told me that they were unable to repair it and that it needed to be replaced. When i asked how much it cost, he replied around $430 for parts and around an hours labor. When I went to pick my bike up two days later, the bill was an astounding $758! Whent the mechanic broke down the bill, the WHEEL was $430 and the tube and tire were extra. Then there was labor! I was never informed that everything needed to be replaced and I would have never given consent to fix it, if I had been properly informed of what needed to be fixed and the total cost.

I emailed the general manager, and expressed my concern and disappointment (in a polite and professional manner) and did not hear anything back from him.


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