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Timeshares Travel / Fraud and scam

1 United States
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On March 6, I was contacted by Dewitt Clarke. He was so persuasive and conniving. He preyed on the fact that we really wanted to get rid of our timeshare. He guaranteed he could sell it in 90 days, but had up to 180 days to sell before you were able to receive the $1000 gift certificate. He told me that people were requesting to purchase a West Gate timeshare from them all the time. And that he had customers lined up to make a purchase. (Liar).

He promised to help us get our money back from another company similar to his company. (Lied) This never happened. He also stated that they were different from other companies because they have a showroom where they present your timeshare. He also stated that they were different from other organization because they make their money by getting people to purchase timeshares through their financing department.

After signing and paying $1184.00 on 03/07/08 we were hopeful. This came quickly to an end. I never heard from Dewitt again. Each time you would call to get an update you will receive and automatic greeting stating due to high call volumes you will receive voice mail and your call will be returned in 1 to 2 days. It wasn't until 09/08 I was told what ext to press if I wanted to speak to customer service.

When they did call back I will always get the same message that they will be presented my timeshare in the next showcase. I was even told by Diane Harrigan (the manager) at a later time to hold off and wait and not to remove my timeshare listing with them until the “rich Europeans and the Canadians come to town because the usually are the ones who buy these timeshare.

I left messages and sometimes they were answered and other times they were not. I requested for the price of the timeshare to be reduced and it was not. I then asked for my money back because six month had past and I still had not received my fraudulent $1000 gift certificate. After this phone call they sent the worthless certificate. This certificate contained items that were cheesy and overpriced.

I called and complained about the gift certificate. Instead I was offered a 3day/2 night getaway. I stated to them that this was not a good reimbursement. I asked if you are given me a $1000 certificate why can't you refund me my money. Diane Harrigan the manager told me of course we did not spend $1000 on the certificate because we buy them in bulk. (This is dead wrong).

Before this time I had never spoke to Diane but she was really rude. She began screaming on the phone calling me a child and saying she doesn't know how many times she has to say the same thing to me before I understand. She is truly unstable.

Please people read before you retained any one services especially reselling or renting timeshares agencies because I have been scammed twice.

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