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Timeshares Around The World / Just Another Con Like The Others

1 33 SE 7th St Ste LBoca Raton, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-448-5624

This is the third company I signed up with. They called me about a year ago claiming they could sell my timeshare when no one else could. They told me I had signed up with internet listing companies and they were different. They promissed that they would the last company I ever paid but all of this was a lie. They did nothing for me at all. I started to do my own research and according to, Bethany Movassaghi is the President but she is never there to speak with. Instead, they always pass me to a guy named Victor who is rude and just gives me the run around. I don't know who they are paying off to have a BBB rating as high as theirs is but there is no way it is a true indicater of the quality of service they provide.


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  • Ti
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    This supposed customer that writes this complaint is false, and I believe a competitor, not an actual customer. The complaint is completely untrue. If it was one of our customers, they might actually use their real name. Plus, Victor does not get calls from clients, we have a customer service department. I wish there was a Complaints board for businesses against these bogus complaints . If anyone does speak with Victor, they are treated with the utmost respect, and anyone that knows him, knows just how polite he is. Another clue that this complaint is made up, and a defamation of our business. The owner is not the person you speak with when dealing with a company, you speak with support staff, like office managers, or customer service, so why this person "Susan" has mentioned that, is ridiculous. If you call Bank of America, do you get the President of the Corporation? No, you speak to the appropriate department or support staff. However, as the owner, I do deal directly with several of our clients, so if anyone ever does ask to speak with me, I do get the messages.

    Whoever wrote this, please realize that we have a great BBB rating because we answer any and all questions, and concerns. We also actually do our job, which is not to sell Timeshares, but to advertise them for sale or rent on behalf of our clients. No one has the brochure style ads that we do. So the next time you want to write a fake complaint, think twice.

  • Dj
      28th of Feb, 2010
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    When we recieved a call to list our timeshare with we were told that if they didn't see it within six months that we would recieve a $500 gas card. We receieved our so called "gas card " yesterday. Here are the some of the key stipulations:

    1) We received two $300 gas rebate forms
    2) $35.95 for each rebate form to activate the process
    3) $100 in gas receipts must be sent in every month via certified mail to receive $25 per month in rebates, must also include a self addressed envelope with postage stamp affixed
    4) The $35.95 per form is suppossed to be reimbursed by timesharesaroundworld after successfully completing the year long rebate process
    5) If this rebate process isn't another scam it will take us two years to complete the process

    I will be contacting the BBU. If timesharesaroundtheworld attempts to discredit this then I figure out a way to scan the rebate form and attach to this form.

  • Jo
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    I already filed a BBB complaint - They did not provide the service they agreed to provide. So far they have not responded to emails or voice mail. They pestered me with daily calls stating they had customers "lined up". Once they receive your money, the calls stop. Their website search engine has never listed our timeshare (even when I selected our resort and used "any" for all other fields). Not a single inquiry in 120 days despite their sales rep (Maggie) claiming our timeshare is "hot" right now. The only thing hot is their air.

  • Jo
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    I am not surprised - Maggie called me all the time making pretty optimistic claims. Once you received my money it was crickets. Have Victor give me a call regarding an owners agreement form signed by me on 4-15-10 (reference # 01071011). I'll be glad to provide him my perspective on your company.

  • Ti
      3rd of May, 2010
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    To DJ4760 above,

    I have sent you my email address to correspond directly with you. Our apologies about the gas card, we have since switched companies, and have a much better program in place. Please contact me per my message to you, or call our main number, ext 101 for customer service to explain the new gas card. Without knowing your name or contract number, it is very difficult to help you via this arena.

    To Joe57,

    I have just viewed your online ad for the Wyndham Sedona, and it's gorgeous, and very easy to find. I do not understand why you could not find it, however, here is the link to not one ad but 2 ads, as we have one each for the sale, and rental of your timeshare. Sale Ad rental ad

    Once Maggie signs you up, she is supposed to be out of the picture, and any calls or questions should be routed to marketing or customer service. Thank you for providing your contract number, so I could contact you. I have sent you an email as well. We really do want to have happy customers and try our best to acquire interested buyers/renters for our clients. Please email me directly for any other assistance on your listing with us.

  • Jo
      7th of May, 2010
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    Timeshares Around the World - This is Joe57 and I want to thank you for making things right. I appreciate your recent efforts and have withdrawn my BBB complaints as a result. I no longer have any valid reasons to not recommend your services for anyone interested in renting or selling their timeshare.

    v/r, Joe57

  • Jo
      12th of Sep, 2010
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    Timeshares Around the World is definitely a scam. We have paid for three timeshare "sales reps", but this is the last one. We have had it with all the misrepresentations of all of them. Timeshares Around the World's claim about the $500 gas rebate is a joke. They have done nothing, as the others, but take our money. What incentive is there for signing up with another one?

  • Jo
      12th of Sep, 2010
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  • Mb
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    Similar story here but instead of a gas card, we received a restaurant card with similar stipulations and of course only a couple restaurants in our area even listed. More false advertising and broken promises.

    I was first contacted by a guy named Steve. I've checked back with customer service a couple time, the 101 number, and get a similar story, "there's been some interest". I too could never find my listing on their website.

    Has anyone found a good way to dump a timeshare without spending money? Rather than spending $3k for more false hope with another scammer, I'm thinking of hiring a lawyer to find a way out. Maintenance fees are coming due soon. Any truely honest and ethical advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Ir
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    If you are a Timeshares Around the World customer or have been contacted by this company call our toll free hotline to get your hard earn money back and also sell your timeshare as well. This company was formed only a couple years ago and used to resemble a legitimate company that told and lied to timeshare owners that they could sell their timeshares fror them. We are a company with a proven track record and integrity please call us at 866-964-8881.

  • Ti
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Wow, Andrew Feder, the above commenter from IRC, you have a lot of nerve. You are the biggest scam out there, and you are claiming you work for Timeshares Around the World. We have had several complaints and calls that you are soliciting business, using Timshares Around the World's name and address as who you work for, and claiming that you have buyers waiting. Well, for any customers out there thinking of calling the number that this Andrew Feder has noted above (866-964-8881, which is International Resort Concepts.) These people blatantly lie and tell people they have customers waiting, when there are none. Plus this guy Andrew Feder has been reported many Federal agencies for his misrepresentation and claims of working for Timeshares Around the World. Word to the wise, stay away from this company.

    As far as Timeshares Around the World, because of all the crooked firms out there, we are no longer accepting clients for new advertising. Our firm was started in 2008, with a vision to help timeshare owners that had been scammed by companies lime International Resort Concepts. That is why our website looks as beautiful as it does. Have you seen Andrew Feder's website. It is a joke, just like his firm. Check out his website: They don't even have ads online, just hype.

    Why this 25 yr old who graduated high school in 2004 would want to defame a companies name and say he works for a firm that he doesn't to get money from people is beyond me. I look forward to all the Federal agencies that will now investigate the way in which Mr. Feder is doing business.

  • Ir
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    This is a reply to Bethany Movassghi everyone who commented above me in regards to my company helping out timeshare and vacation property owners with fee recovery. To give everyone a little background to Timeshares Around the World and Bethany Movassghi is that she is listed as the president of the company but Victor and Shaw Movassghi are the actual brains of their now defunct operation and scam. Mrs. Movassghi claims that I have no credibility but how can you even trust someone that age discriminates and throws someone under the bus for no real reason. Mrs. Movassghi is a forty three year old soccer mom with no background in the vacation industry or sales and marketing experience what so ever. Myself and principles included are former securities and financial brokers, mortgage bankers and financial advisors. Mrs. Movassghi and her associates are former car salesmen. My company not only strives to market vacation property owners for sale or rent but also helps buyers come to a smart and collective decision in regards to purchasing and financing, fee recovery and free evaluations for timeshares. If you want to compare apples to apples between companies that’s fine I will show here the difference between a now defunct company like TATW and mine International Resort Concepts. Here is Timeshares Around the World BBB report which has been revoked I might add and has over 57 complaints! IRC currently has only 4 complaints with the BBB and been around longer than TATW and remains to service customers and provide unparalleled results. This is the link to the Department of Agriculture complaint database, if you search Timeshares Around the World you will find they have over 51 complaints! International Resort Concepts only has 1. The proof is there and nothing should ever be considered credible coming from Bethany Movassghi or any other associates that work or worked for Timeshares Around the World including all their crack addict and junky employees. They are currently like Mrs. Movassghi clearly stated not accepting new contracts and call their customer service number for example you will not even get a person that picks up the phone or a recording confirming that you even called the right company just an automated voicemail. Here is their number everyone (561-948-1889) have fun not getting a hold of a single soul. If any customer out their needs assistance with fee recovery or just wants to get rid of their vacation property let a proven company like IRC get the job done for you.

  • Ti
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Andrew Feder and Jordan Hopkins from International Resort Concepts can only respond with attacks, and outlandish comments. They know nothing about me or my background. I, Bethany, am not a "soccer mom” that is a joke and is false. I have a lot of vacation industry experience in my background, as well as banking and finance. Mr. Feder doesn't know what he is talking about when he claims I lack experience and obviously is making false assumptions and accusations.
    I will now respond to each of Andrew's comments, who personally attacked me in emails after I responded to this complaint board. Calling me disgusting names etc. For the record, I don't age discriminate, but I do discriminate against people who perpetrate fraud. I didn't throw Andrew Feder under the bus for no reason. He was calling timeshare owners, illegally claiming to work for Timeshares Around the World, using our address, and attempting to get thousands of dollars from people by claiming to have a buyer waiting to purchase their timeshare. We got several calls and complaints from people regarding Andrew Feder and his outbound calls to them and solicitation for payment.
    1. I, Bethany started Timeshares Around the World, not Victor, nor Shaw. I started Timeshares Around the World to help all the people getting scammed by people like Andrew Feder, among others. I had friends with timeshares that were getting scammed by these companies and I wanted to genuinely help them. That is why I had a successful eBay store, Facebook page, Google Advertising, and an amazing $5, 000 website which is still active today. We advertised in many venues and helped a lot of people during our 2 years in the business.
    2. Shaw M. does not work for Timeshares Around the World, and has no affiliation with Timeshares Around the World whatsoever.
    3. Timeshares Around the World is NOT defunct, nor were we a scam. We decided that due to the unscrupulous companies out there that charge timeshare owners huge fees, but don't actually do anything, like International Resort Concepts, we could not be successful in helping timeshare owners. The industry of "for sale by owner" Timeshare advertising has been too negatively impacted due to companies that charge thousands of dollars and lie to customers. Timeshares Around the World never told customers that we have buyers waiting, we simply sold advertising, and created award winning ads for our clients at a fraction of what every other company charged.
    4. International Resort Concepts claims they strive to help customers, but if you go to their website, it looks amateur, and you cannot even view their client's timeshares. Don't forget they claim illegally to be members of BBB, which they are not. The reason International Resort Concepts is F rated is because BBB asked them to take the BBB emblem off their website and they refused. International Resort Concepts is also NOT a member of ARDA either. So how are they credible, when they falsely advertise their company, and don't even advertise their customer’s timeshares?
    5. As far as comparing the 2 companies, there is no comparison.
    6. We chose not to renew our accreditation with BBB due to their very unfair rating system, which the Attorney General of Connecticut is currently suing BBB over. That is when the BBB revoked us. Check out this link.
    7. As far as the Department of Agriculture complaints, we answered all of those satisfactorily, whereas International Resort Concepts does not. I welcome anyone to check that website, you may wish to check on International Resort’s lack of licensing to do business while you are there.
    As I stated, I don't plan to stoop to Andrew Feder's low level, but in researching his and Jordan's company, a license could not be found through the Department of Agriculture for his business International Resort Concepts. In fact, a license to operate business in Florida or the city of Boca Raton could not be found either. Andrew Feder and International Resort Concepts do not have the proper licensing to conduct business. Jordan Hopkins, the other person on the corporate papers of International Resort Concepts had a telemarketing personal license, which was cancelled a few years ago.
    I think Mr. Feder should stop harassing businesses like mine, and worry about the way in which he is conducting business without a TC license, or business license. He only accepts checks because he cannot get a merchant account to take credit cards. Accepting checks and telemarketing without a license is a big no-no.
    International Resort Concepts is not licensed through the state. That is a fact. They do not have a business license to operate their Boca Raton office. That is a fact. They are not BBB accredited. That is a fact. They are not members of ARDA. That is a fact.
    Mr. Feder claims that he and his principles have been securities and financial brokers, yet a search of licensing would not substantiate that claim, and also proves that International Resort Concepts is conducting business without a license. Here is the link:
    Here again is the link to the Department of Agriculture licensing, which a search would show the lack of proper licensing for International Resort Concepts, or the principals Andrew Feder and Jordan Hopkins.

  • Ir
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    Bethany, very interesting I would love for what David Cohen would say back to you. You and your associates worked for Timeshare Travels a couple years back, stole leads and employees and set your own shop down the block. Don’t try and kid yourself including the public and state that you have tons of experience and what not, no experience in timeshares or vacation sales is more like it. Unlike your listing website my company doesn’t just list timeshare properties on our website and leave it at that we do full service marketing unlike yours and if your company was on the up and up you would think your customer service would at least pick up the phone once in a blue moon but your victims definitely know that’s never going to happen. Don’t try and pawn your troubles on the BBB with all the complaints you have been getting on the Attorney General of Connecticut, everyone can realize that the only reason a company like yours had a decent rating was because you paid off the South Florida BBB a couple thousand dollars a year that’s how you were able to keep it above a B rating. IRC and myself are not harassing you or your company just basically making the public aware that they still have the option of collecting their money from a now defunct company like TATW. If you are getting chargeback’s and refunds which I and the public don’t doubt the only reason is because you and your company Timeshares Around The World aren’t fulfilling your contracts and many consumers are unhappy as expected.

  • Ab
      9th of Mar, 2014
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    I payed the 299.00$ upon agreement with brain on 4-13-10 and was suppose to recieve a 300.00 $ gas card after 11-13-10 still no gas card i called in Dec. and they were still active in scamming people It is now 2-8-11 and they will not answer the phone I'm sure im out the money but what i can't under stand is how the goverment lets people like this get away with it I've checked with a lawyer since then and there are no laws stating that a company can not accept money after the sale of your timeshare i will never pay up front fees again my reference number for timeshares around the world is 06081016/060810R

    abrower 0 Votes its been over a year since i sighed up with timeshares around the world and still no restaurant card gas wawa i would even take a walmart card i got nothing they are thieves they dont even answer there phone anymore

  • An
      27th of Apr, 2016
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    It makes no sense and the person writing it is just trying to bash my name and slander. Remove this post now!!!

  • Pa
      13th of Jul, 2016
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    Timeshares Around The World - Failure to honor contract terms
    United States

    Timeshares Around the World is a fradulent company. I had a written agreement with them that they would attempt to sell my timeshare. If they failed to do so in 120 days they promised to refund my payment of $600 in the form of two $300 gas cards. Since they failed to find a buyer I asked them for my gas cards. Instead they sent me an application form to apply to another company for the gas cards. This would have involved paying another application fee and the amout of the gas cards was substantially less then $600. This company is nothing more than dishonest. They will not live up to the terms of the written agreement. Don't do business with them. They are a bunch of crooks. The salesman from the company told me they were a finace company not an advertising company. So they are also liars as well as cheats.

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