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Timeshare Resale Scam / Scam, fraud and violating ndncr

1 1300 NW 17th Ave., Suite 143Delray Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 561-278-6870 and 877-355-6698

I paid my $1396. On june 9, 2008 after speaking directly to the owner of universal marketing solutions. I didn't hear from them for 114 days regarding the contract they supposedly had on my timeshare. I started calling them with no results. I faxed them letters demanding a refund and got callbacks denying a refund.
I received many solicitation calls from this company even though i have been on the national do not call registry for 4 years. If you are on the list, keep records of the name, number and time of the call. I've filed complaints with the bbb, ag, div of consumer affairs, the delray beach city attorney, the fcc and have posted my story online. They have an "f" rating with bbb and over 30 complaints. The ag office has received over 40 complaints. I don't know about the "auntie" that had a good result but if they've sold any timeshares i would like to hear about it. Jennifer kirk and matthew hicks also own creative home mortgage and fidelity first title and escrow. They are all operating out of the same building in delray beach, fl. Almost all timeshare resale telemarketers who ask for money upfront are fraudulent. The ag of florida has several of these companies under investigation at the present time. You can read reports online. I gottook, so be very careful.

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  • Ka
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    My father recieved a call from Universal Marketing Solutions last Friday. They told him that they had sold his timeshare and needed their fee of $1, 998 up front to close the transaction. He has been wanting to sell it for quite a while now and gave them his amex number. After he thought about it a bit he got suspicious and came to see me. I googled the company and found your article as well as others and we were able to stop the transaction with the credit card company before he was out the money.

    My dad and I give our thanks to all those victims who have had the courage to tell their story.

  • Ka
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    Thank you so much for your comments. My 85 year old mother has recieved several calls from Creative Home Mortagage Soultions. The last one was this past Monday. They said they had her timeshare sold for almost twice what she was asking. All she needed to do was send them $1398 to keep from having to do a title search which would delay the sale. I got involved and they told me to go on line to They received an A- rating. However, the names and addresses are all the same. I think we will pass when/if they call Thursday morning. Thanks again.

  • Tr
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    i had an overall good experiance with these companies who sold both my surrey grand unit and my seagarden unit. they do the best they can selling these luxury unless you give them a chance do not assume they are a scam.

  • Tr
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    This company sucessfully sold both my surrey grand crowne and tahiti village timeshare...we had a very good experiance with them. It took appx. 96 days to close on both properties which were financed through chase. Timeshares are a luxury item and although the economy is rough they sold my unit...

  • Li
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    I made an original contract with these people at Universal Marketing Solutions to sell my Branson time share as

    1) They claimed to have a money back guarantee to sell it in 90 days.

    2) They claimed that they called me as I was on a list From Global Timeshare to whom I was naive enough to pay 899 dollars to sell my Branson timeshare and they would help me get that money refunded.

    They claimed also to be a substrate of larger corporation which they invited me to look at their rating at the Better Business Bureau. The company they claimed as their parent had an A+ rating, but did not show any connection to Universal.

    Yesterday, I received a phone call from "Fidelity Title Company" and Andrew Foreman and his pal Cloid Holmes. They said our timeshare had been sold, and when I asked the selling price, they hemmed and tapped danced and then said, well your asking price ma'am. I said" Which was...?" Ummmm $23, 000. Then they had some ### and bull story about weeks that I hadn't used that were banked none the less by Branson and that the buyers would like to buy those banked weeks as well to the tune of 1900 bucks each. But there was a fee of $299 each weeks up front. When I asked why I had to pay anything, they said "Ahhh Guest passes". But just seconds before they had said the buyers wanted the weeks for the points not to use the timeshare in Branson.They didn't need guest passes for that.

    My mother (rest her soul) always said that if something sounds too good to be true, then you are probably are not dealing with reality. I should have listened to the wise woman.

    I called Capital One, my credit card people, and they reversed both the charges for the "guest passes" and Universal.

    Do NOT deal with these people, they are crooks, and have a pretty decent patter with just enough info to make you wish to believe they are legit. They are NOT. Stay clear of anyone who says that they are in any way connected to this company either.

    BTW, I read the positive comments posted recently. The commenters probably either work for Universal Marketing Solutions, or have some other vested interest in the company's success.
    We all have to be leery of people supporting possible Scammers, as they have reasons for their positive reports.
    I, and the others scammed, have NO reason to either post our comments nor take the time to tell you the embarrassing (getting scammed means being gullible) story.
    Consider who you wish to believe.


  • Je
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    Has anyone every received calls from a group called National Timeshare Resales from Greenbay WI or Orlando FL?? My husband is being pressured to send them money because they claim that someone wants to buy his timeshare. I have told them that I want a sell contract sent via USPS and they only want to send a copy by e-mail. That makes me believe it's a scam and that they already know that bogus mail sent through the USPS is against the law! What do you think??

  • Lo
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    I was contacted a number of times during mid-October by a Daniel Ferrara, informing me that he had a client that wanted to buy my time share, and that Universal Marketing had already approved their financing. I discussed with him that I was leery of dealing with anyone from Florida due to all the bad press concerning time share sellers, and he said that there were a few bad apples that cast a pale over all of them but they were not one of them.
    After a number of calls I he sent by E-mail sample copies of their forms, and on a subsequent call I told him I had checked on the internet and that one customer stated that they had an F rating with the BBB and he said they had an A rating.
    He then put his Supervisor on the line (a mr James Higgins). Mr Higgins guarnteed that they had a buyer for my time share, and that the F rating resulted from a Mr Alfonso, an Ex-employee who scamed a customer, and that he was now in jail.
    After convincing me that they were ligitimate and that they would send the forms by Fed-Ex for signatures, all they needed was $999.00 to start the Deed and title search for the new buyer. This was a change from the original quoted $1096.00.
    I sent them an E-mail asking for them to put in writing the details of the transaction plus the name of the buyer, using the same E-mail address they used in sending the sample forms. To date some some three weeks later I have had no response.
    On 5 November I called Daniel and informed him that I was going to contact my credit card company to stop payment. He then called me back and put his General Manager Mr Brian Morris on the line and he guarnteed me that they had a buyer and had already approved their financing.
    On 14 November I called Daniel their 877 number and got the answer machine and when I didn't get a call back I called Daniels' Cell phone 561-860-6583, and he informed me again they had the buyer, the title search was moving forward and he would keep me informed as to the progress.
    This is now 28 November and I have had not further contact from them.
    I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is difficult, so I will give them another week and contact the Florida Department of Agriculture, which I had discussed doing with them in an earlier conversation.

  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I also pd 1396.00 for my time share to be sold, this is the 3rd company that i signed up with. Last week they contacted me about renting my time share for 7 weeks which would cost me 2999.00 but i would recieve something like 17000.00. How could you rent 7 week for me when i only have 1 week a year i can use. Called resort they never heard of timeshare marketing solutions before. But timeshare marketing solutions claimed that had to pay them some fee of 499.00 per week. When i confronted Ms Gerna about what all i read on the internet about their company she still had a line of bull. I told her just sell that time share and I didn't want to rent it. Now she claims that the closing date to sell my timeshare is Feb. 3, 09 I guess i'll see if that another lie or what. I wish these people would stop lying to myself and other people about selling timeshares. Only one thing I know is they make it sound so good. They should win a acadamy award for that!!!

  • Sx
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    A week or 2 ago, my Father received a call from Andrew Foreman of Universal Marketing Solutions. He excited my Father that his 1-bedroom timeshare had a firm offer of more than $12, 420. Which is incredible given this economic market.

    In the past, my Father has given his CC in hopes of sale promises coming through. This time he called me first. First, I called Andrew, very convincing, after talking with him for 10 minutes, I was ready to hand over my CC!! Ouch!

    I then searched the web and came across a number of similar complaints, including the exact fee structure, and 2 banked weeks that the new owners were going to “buy/rent” as well. This was a red flag because there is no way 2 weeks could be banked for our unit. I then spoke to the Florida Southeast BB and found that UNMS has 88 complaints on file and a rating of "F".

    I thank everyone who has posted complaints on this and other websites, otherwise we would be out $1900. It is too bad the deal is not real, 'cause the money would be nice. Cheers.

  • Gc
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    They are all crooks!!! I've spoken with bocabill and taking his advice by contacting the AG and the Delray Beach Police Department.

    Join the fight to close down these crooks!!!

  • Do
      11th of Jan, 2009
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    I am always weary as to listining to ex employees. Generally it comes from an incompetent employee whom was fired and now has a grudge to hold for a company. I am an Arkansas native whom travels to Delray Beach Florida during the fridgid winter months. I first was contacted by Universal during July. I own several timeshares as well as a campground membership. I did not sign up because I felt like it was too good to be true. My husband and I went down to our condo in September as usual. December I was contacted by a employee named Bill (how convienient) whom convienced me my Orange Beach timeshare in Orlando had a buyer. My husband paid 1396.24 to cover the deed and title search. On Friday morning me and my husband drove over to their office. I didn't come across ### or tatooed pierced people. (although I do not discriminate against people who are different. My grandson is an award winning tatoo artisi in California) I spoke to Jennifer Kirk, the owner of Creative Home Mgtg who finances the sales. She was a very helpful young lady. Their office was clean and very inviting. They showed me my paperwork on the property. It was in the title department and I was satisfied. I recieved the buyers information and the processing mgr, Jon Egan explained they originally listed properties only, they began financing the sales only 2 mos. ago, hence the complaints. The process moved forward and I signed for the check of 15, 433.89 for my property this Thursday 1/8/09. I was satisfied with their service. These complaints baffeled me. I checked with the Att generals office who reviewed the complaints, I found every customer who complained was in fact refunded the fee they all in all I believe BocaBill is a disgruntled employee, whom I learned was fired from the company for using a racist term toward the above mentioned manage Brian Morris. Also he was recently released from prison where he served more then 3 years for a number of charges and is currently on parole...also funding his termination due to lying on his application. So my only comment further is this. THEY SOLD MY TIMESHARE.

  • Hi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Wow this last poster definitely works for this SCAM!!!

  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree that anyone and everyone should beware of the crooks. They are not legit and try to keep themselves shielded with bogus addresses and phone numbers. Someone screwed up big time by receiving a payment via certified return receipt mail which now makes this federal and we plan to pursue it to the fullest. EVERYONE BEWARE OF THE FULL TIME SLUGS!!!

  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    See Above Comment. Thar's mine

  • Pw
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    This is what I am afraid of in trying to sell our campground membership. Has anyone ever heard of Platinum Property Exchange out of Las Vegas, NV? They want only $195 up front, but I am still hesitant to send it. Do you know of any legitimate resellers of camground/timeshare memberships? Any info would be appreciated.

  • Mi
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    In 2007 my husband was caught off guard by Global Timeshare Solutions, Inc. and paid them $699 on his credit card to sell our timeshare in Branson MO. For nearly one year we didn't hear a word from them and so we just chalked it up to stupidity on our part for letting them scam him that way. During the past several months we've been contacted by both Universal Marketing Solutions and Nationwide Marketing Solutions saying they have buyers for our timeshare, each time their selling price has gone higher. Today 2/18/09 Nationwide called stating they now have a buyer who has paid one-third of the $22, 000 sale price for our timeshare! All they need is our payment of *898 to serve an a retainer to close the deal plus the deal won't cost us one dime. We'll get the $898 back along with the initial payment of $699 we originally paid Global Timeshare Solutions. Sounded too good to be true, so we asked for them to email us all the forms they would be using so we could review them explaining to them that we didn't want to fall prey to another scam. Luckily, we had saved the contract we signed with Global and compared the two. The verbage was almost identical! During the last few weeks we've spoken to several of their pushy sales force putting them off. Thankfully, we had the foresight to do our homework this time and found negative reports on www.[redacted] and did further research on both companies. One report said a group of several men who have their offices just blocks away from each in Lake Worth FL are operating under various company names like Global Timeshare, Universal Marketing Solutions and Nationwide Marketing Solutions and that all three operate the same scam. All I can say is it pays to do your homework. We won't be caught off guard in the future.

  • To
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    I am another of the victims, I paid my money up front before seeing the contract, had other things on my mind thought I hired someone to do the work for me. Wrong! Same crap as every one else is getting from them, having no luck so far getting money back. They called and said they were out of Ca. and Global was of Fl. got my money back from Global but am afraid it may be hard case here. Now I have been contactced by (creative vacation solutions) who also have Fidelity for a bank, two people and two names, Fidelity first and Fidelity Deed and Title. Gee! They want to pull the same wool over my head, They were upset that I should think them another buch of crooks. These people do not have to be registered in Fl. so they do what they want. Can we do that? Yes we need a class action against these things, wfere is the LAW?

    Tom B

  • Vi
      15th of Aug, 2009
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    yeah now they are Are under a new new name called cvs with jennifer kirk robert and melissa they are crackheads dont deal with them

  • Bc
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    I myself had been involved with a company such as this a while back. They sold resale services to owners for thousands of dollars and never did a thing to fulfill the agreement. I became so good at it (unfortunately) that I quickly got bumped into management and got to see how things worked behind the curtain. I was not impressed with what I found, but it was a paycheck and I did it. I did however learn all of the ins and outs of the timeshare resale business. About a year ago, I was really down and out, unemployed and not very happy with myself. I attributed the bad luck to all the wrong I had done to people as I believe in karma heavily. With a background in writing and graphic design, I decided I was going to help people get their money back from timeshare resale companies that scam their clients. So I posted a website with a free guide on how to get your money back. I hope people read it, and it helps, because karma is a pain. :) Good luck to all.

  • Ga
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    Has anyone heard of After reading all of the negative comments, I am certainly leary regarding the selling of my timeshare. The 'red flag" started up the pole when I was asked for "upfront fees" prior to contract. Negative ghostrider...I don't think so. Any input or advice is appreciated.

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