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The torture and noise pollution in the name of raahgiri day continues for the sixth sunday in dwarka today. For people like me who have just one weekly off on sunday to relax a bit, it is really harrowing to be woken up with a jarring music at 6. 00 a. M every sunday. I am not against raahgiri or its concept, but why can't it be celebrated without disturbing others? The banging (Involved in stage making) starts at about 1. 00 a. M in the night, the mike testing at 6. 00 a. M and the yelling and shrieking at 7. 00 a. M. Imagine the torture that we have to face every sunday morning as our flat is just opposite to the stage in sector 10 (Opp. Sector 6 market) .
I would like to humbly appeal to the organisers to celebrate this raahgiri without the noise pollution. Since this is a permanent affair, please do not spoil our sundays.
You may either turn down the volume of the music system or keep it in a non - residential area or change the venue to a different sector in dwarka every week, so that the same set of people staying opposite sector 6 market do not get tortured every sunday morning.
Hope you will agree that weekly of is quite precious for everyone, especially for those working six days week. Presume something will be done to put an end to this harassment.

What are the organisers gaining by disturbing us like this on a sunday?
Why can't the program continue without the noise pollution?
With the board exams round the corner, is it fair to cause this commotion under any pretext?

Feb 19, 2015
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  • Ar
      Jun 09, 2011
    Times Of India - Newspaper not received
    The Times of India

    I received newspaper only for 3 weeks after the introduction in Coimbatore. Now i am not getting the newspaper for the past three weeks. Please take suitable action.

    Mobile No. : [protected]

    Dr. P.D. Arumairaj
    23-1 Periannan Nagar,
    Thadagam road,
    Coimbatore - 641 025.

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  • Vi
      Dec 05, 2011

    in spite of repeated calls to your office that i have not received the paper for 5 days no response i have made close to 10 calls to different people either they say u will get it tomorrow or they say we will look into the matter .i don't understand how u can appoint such irresponsible people being in service industry . i rather not recommend you to any other person is there any way u can refund my subscription fee?????

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  • Br
      May 22, 2012
    Times Of India - Delivery of Paper

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am in Varanasi. The 'Benaras Times' is not delivered along with the newspaper. The copy of 23 May 12 says 28 pages. The copy I received however, has only 26 pages.

    Brig Pravin Joshi

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  • Sa
      Jun 07, 2012
    Times Of India - regarding delivery of newspaper

    I have been a daily reader of your esteemed newspaper from last two months .i am from Rajpura pincode-140401(district-Patiala ).i want to complaint regarding distribution of newspaper. your newspaper dont get delivered to me nearly 7-8 days in a month and from 28 th may i am getting TRIBUNE rather than times of india.i also have to pay rs 25 as delivery charges.plz take care of this.

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  • Ke
      Oct 29, 2012

    the same here i am not getting newspaper for last 3 days my area pin-641016(pattnam pudur)

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  • Ke
      Oct 29, 2012
    Times Of India - delivery of news paper

    i have not been receiving news paper for last three days i am from coimbatore area pattnam pudur pin-641016 plz take some necessary actions soon sir

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  • Jk
      Dec 26, 2012
    Times Of India - non receipt of daily paper
    news paper

    We paid yearly subscription for Times of India for daily paper (vide their receipt no. 438737 and 399735 dated 4-12-12)
    and the first paper received on 19th Dec and after that we have not receiving paper. I have been making complaint over
    phone daily, but no result. How can we solve this problem sir. ( from Hyderabad city)

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  •   Feb 19, 2015

    This would be a big undertaking for this site to remedy your problem as it pertains to your local government in India. I would would be impressed if they could help you. That said, I understand you situation as I have had a similar problem, but in my home. My children's friends harassing us 24 hours a day by telephone. Being that I was an on call 7, 24, 365 employee made it worse. Sorry to hear this and I hope you get your washing machine replaced or repaired soon as well.

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