Time Warner Cable $89. 99 Tv, Phone Internet Package / bait and switch

NY, United States

I bought a home in Watkins Glen, NY, in March and faced a decision between DISH and Time Warner Cable for TV service. The home already had a DISH unit on the roof, but Time Warner was advertising its bundled $89.99 special for cable TV, phone and Internet for new customers.
So I called a TW rep, who told me the program extended for one year and included free HBO, Cinemax and Showtime on Demand (three services I wasn't really looking for, but would gladly take for free). I was happy with the deal, and I've been very pleased with the service for the past several weeks.
But today the bill arrived, and it had no relation at all to what the rep had promised me. I was charged $14.95 each for HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. There was no mention of the promised 89.99 on any line on the bill. Even before certain ancillary charges (which may be legit), my base price was more than 89.99.
I called Time Warner and spent roughly half an hour with three different consumer reps. One told me the original TW rep had apparently omitted the code that would have given me the $89.99 deal. She said she would see that the charges for HBO, Cinemax and Showtime would be credited back to me, but that I should pay the entire overcharge bill up front. Another rep told the free HBO/Cinemax/Showtime deals last only three months, not a year. She said TW would try to listen to the tape of my original call with the rep who sold me the package. I agreed that would be helpful. She also said she would have a supervisor call me back within 24 hours.
Here's my take: I was a consumer responding to Time Warner advertising for a $89.99 bundled cable package. I called a company sales rep who set the bait, which I took. After I had made my decision to go with TW rather than DISH and after TW had installed their system, TW switched the terms of the agreement. When I called to complain, I wasted valuable time spinning my wheels. Nothing’s been resolved.

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