Time Share Hotlist / rip off

1 Orlando, FL, United States
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THEY CALL YOU and offer to rent your Timeshare for a certain amount of money that you WILL make some money on for a one time fee of $1600. In return, every year they will rent your timeshare... you get a check for a large amount of money once a year when they rent it. IF they don't rent your Timeshare in 120 days, you are offered a vacation voucher for 2. When it shows in the mail, you have to call them to book it and YOU have to pay for the vacations or dinners or hotels they are offering you!!! When you call to discuss the rental and why your place has not rented, you get the run around from person to person AND finally someone will tell you "lower your price and it will move". Never are you told you may have to lower your price to get rent. Even if lowered pricing happens, no rental calls come to you... they are after your initial $1600. They do not care if they rent your place... ITS A SCAM!!!

Apr 09, 2013

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