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OMG. Stay as far as possible from Just in Time [protected]@ns. I have found them through the Internet and emailed the rep. She responded quickly and provided the application form. After that she gave me the details of bank, where I needed to wire money. I paid three different people and was a little bit suspicious. But afterwards the rep asked to provide my card’s details and here I understood that it was big scam. You won’t get credit from this company, but you will lose a lot.

Feb 25, 2016
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  • Ja
      Mar 24, 2016

    Whole heartedly agree! I filled out the app, and when I called them December 2015, it was like I can't understand what the voicemail said. I wanted to consolidate loans and WAS I EVER WRONG! I gave these people $900 with nothing to show for it. I was scammed a total of $900 just before Christmas of 2015. I am so mad about it because my gut told me this was a scam, but I went through with it anyways. She passed my case to a guy named Ahmed Marzooqi, who was the "loan officer." He told me to send $400 via moneygram to a man in Houston, and I would have $7, 500 sent to me asap. Never happened. Blew up Lisa and Ahmed's phones, and then he told me to send $500. I did. I told Lisa, and she said let me do a test deposit and give me $40700. I never gave her my banking credentials. Then a few days go by and Ahmed wanted me to send $1, 400 in good faith I would get the money. I told him to deduct the $1, 400 from my loan and just give me the money. Never happened. So then I started a vicious cycle of payday loans, and that was a bad idea. STAY AWAY FROM JUSTINTIMELOANS.BIZ!!! I never EVER got the $7, 500 loan I requested to pay some things off. ALSO, NEVER TRUST A COMPANY OFFERING 4% APR AND WANTING A DEPOSIT! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR LOAN! OR you will get the loan with a fake check, and they will ask you to take money out right away and send it via moneygram or western union. YOU"RE SCREWED if you believe these people

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