Time After Time Willow Grove PAwatch repair deceit

Took my 2 yr old Hamilton watch back to Amanda Guerra, at Time after Time, Willow Grove PA mall, as it stopped winding and running. As it was just over the two year warranty, and in excellent condition, I assured her I would not pay to have it fixed. She took it and sent it to their main office/repair shop (which I later learned is not authorized by Hamilton to do any repairs). Three weeks later she calls announcing with enthusiasm that my "special price" to have the main spring replaced was just $175., half of the original price. Reminded her of my initial reluctance to pay anything for a watch in very close to new condition.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Philadelphia, PA "Oh, well we will have to send it to the manufacturer for warranty repair" My response: why did you not do that from day one? This is not honest, reliable customer care Amanda. This is deceptive, and an abusive misuse of my time and trust, which has now gone down in flames. So, I'm left to send it to Hamilton close to a month after trusting this smiling twerp. Now concerned it's further beyond the two year warranty and that these unauthorized clowns opened it up which I'm guessing will void the warranty. AVOID these liars and thieves unless you enjoy throwing away money and time enduring their endless antics. Will share Hamilton's posture as soon as it is offered. PS: in the interim I've learned most other manufacturers offer warranty periods to 5 and 10 years. Lesson learned 🤬.

Dec 01, 2018

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