Tim PerryNtta

Ok so for a few months 40 dollars was drafted out of my wife's account to cover my tolls. Have. A toll tag so thought everything was good . Then we switched the draft to be taken off of my prepaid overspend card. 40 dollars was taken. December 27 2016. $40 drafted 12-26-16. 40 drafted 12-20-16. $40 drafted 12-10-16. $40 drafted 12-2-16. $40 drafted 11-17-16. $40 drafted 11-1-16. $40 drafted9-19-16. $40 drafted 9-14-16. This is on my net spend card. No with this said I get a bill for over 1000.00$$$ and it includes late fees that shouldn't have been charged. Also my invoice that I could have saved 234.00$ if I had a toll tag. Well I did and I do. This agency needs to be investigated for overcharging and harassment of Innocent people . We are supposed to be living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's clearly not free and there are dictators at the plano intra intentionally trying to ruin people's lives. This agency should be fired because the obviously don't know how to do there invoicing. And I believe there's some fraudulent activity going on within the agency itself . Can you help I will pay you?

Feb 05, 2017

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