Tim Hortonsemployees treated poorly

S Montreal, QC Review updated:

About 5 months ago i had decided to leave the gas station attendant job at the gas station i was working at, & left to join the Tim Hortons we had in the same building.
I left because of the promise of more $, the guarantee of more hours & insurance after 3 months plus a raise...
Well if i knew now...haha
I am admitting that i had made the mistake a few times of saying to a regular customer:(I'll pay your coffee 2 day) & I would usually pay with my tips, but it had happened during the morning rushes where i forgot. I am human!!
Now instead of the manager coming to me & letting me know I had forgotten...she said nothing & well honestly did the same...
About apparently 2 months later the 14 th of july to b exact...I'm told that I'm fired.
Like i said i admit to making the mistake of forgetting to pay...but what came afterwards wuz a surprise to me.
Now the coffee issue was dealt with & well I'm out of a job. I had spoken to the owner & the manager was present...But 2 days afterwards I find out the manager is saying that there had been money that had been going missing over the past lil while & started telling all the employees that it was obviously me, that im a theif ect...

The worst thing about this is that i find this out through my roomate who i worked with.
Now I had spoken to the owner again & he said he haden't heard anything about that & if it was me he would know cause they have a surveillance system...
I never saw the raise, or the insurance that Timhortons promises...
I slaved in that small restaurant...made them pass their audits in the kitchen, my x manager even told me ( if u werent here we would of failed).

Now I've worked in restaurants on & off during the past 16 years that i have been working...
I have never experienced this type of ###!

If u r thinking of working at Tim Hortons...think long & hard.
the promise of tips could b interesting...but in the long run u may get screwed...because u made a few mistakes & your manager is as stupid & non caring as mine was, You'll be in for 1 hell of a ride...


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      Nov 27, 2009

    yeah..i work at one too, and everyone is so kind; including the manager, and assistant manager. But god, our store is one of 4 stores that is owned by the same owner. For some reason, the manager from the other store comes in and checks in on us all the time, and every single time she has to be yelling. I mean honestly, she doesn't know ###. Yelling at employees doens't make them work better, if anything it'll just make it worse. She has no respect for anyone, but then again not even to herself. She's the fattest ### on this planet. She has even threaten a worker for speaking their mind. No warnings or anything. Really, how irresponsible is that? She wanted to fire her out of pure anger, not because she did anything wrong. And shouldn't she listen to the employee? She's complaining about work, how everything is done so wrong, and is unfair to us workers. Seriously, working in the business for a long time, she should understand at least something.

    So if you'relooking for a job in the Tim Hortons business, seriously don't waste your time. You'll be making money yes, but not that much.

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      Aug 18, 2010

    I worked at a Tim Hortons in Grand Bend and we had to phone the cops one night because i was sexualy assulted by a drunk and the baker was threatend. When they came at 5:30 in the morning the manager loked at the cops and told them to get the F off the property because they were blocking drive thru and effecting their times...

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