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tiles / security

1 1 sawmill river roadHawthorne, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 914 593-7110

Bought over 3000 dollars of products from home depot to do a kitchen job; one Wednesday, went back to get 12 tiles to finish the job...found 8 tiles @ $5.48 each that had over 22 stones in each tile and three others with damaged/missing stones...replacing two missing stones and making two good tiles from the three..bought 8 that are good and took the two that still had slight damage to the tiles but figured I need to finish the job, and bought a total of 10 stopped me at the door for replacing two missing stones...two younger security that definitely lacked a sense of reason and definitely lack of training and asked for a name (I guess to make their quotas for that month)...funny, all they wanted was a name; by my request, they refuse to call the manager, call the police, or even look at the tiles that are missing stones...all they were concerned is about the two stones that was separate from the punch...remember; tile had over 22 stones and each tile is 5 dollars and change and all they were concerned is about 2 stones..
tried to contact manager three time with no answer or reply to the home depot lost two contractors (my brother and myself) and returned as much products as possible back to home depot and wished I had more to return...I bought the same tiles with the same price at Lowes. All my materials now are purchased from Lowes, and other electrical/plumbing suppliers... I have not seen home depot sense that date, never missed Home Depot, and will never buy any product from them again. An advice to all contractors that I see replacing missing/damaged item(s) to make one good item to buy and finish the job, Don’t! Because, one day, you may find two unqualified security guards stopping you.

E-mail address:

Manager name: Erick Marrero
Two security guard: they refused to give me their real names, but one was called Bobby who claims to be the security and manager of that home depot, the other claims to give a nice analogy and argued, if you see three cans of soup on the shelf and three were leaking would you refill two and buy two and leave one on the shelf….my response was, what????

I have all the picture and proof… and to the security guys, it's not your loss, its home depot that lost two expensive customers/contractors.


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