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this is not towards tijuana flats in generally they have good service, and this restaurant does as well. It's regarding some of the very nasty female employees that work there who treat customers like garbage. Ive been to the oviedo location many times and they always have good service...but twice I had really really bad service by two mean stupid women who are probably jealous of other females and think they can treat them like dirt. Once by a blonde haired girl who treated me very badly, grabbed my cup from me, shoved it back at me with a really awful attitude and tried making me feel like dirt... then I went recently, to get an order, and a short haired stupid mean female there...took my money, then when she was handing it back to me, she ridiculsouly, and purposely shoved it at me in a very aggressive mean way with a terrible attitude...treating customers like they are dirt...and it definitely was sick, and made me feel really bad and want to ask can you treat someone in this way and for what reason...beware of some of the females that work there as they are seemingly jealous of attractive women and will treat them really badly, and there are many crazy women in society who treat women in this way too. I called back and the manager was really nice and offered a gift card...its not the service that's bad it's these sick female employees who can't control their aggressive behavior towards customers and will treat them with contempt because they think they can get away with this bad behavior...

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  • Sh
      10th of Aug, 2010
    Tijuana flats - bad service rude
    tijuana flats
    university blvd
    United States

    very bad service, people work there are really rude, and stupid...they belittle customers...good food and ok service generally but stay away

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  • Yo
      14th of Mar, 2011

    I'm actually a huge fan of tijuana flats and that is not ONLY their product, but their employees... I have never been to the tijuana flats that you speak of my dear, but i will say that you sound more like you had former issues with the girls then anything else... I know for a fact that tijuana flats does NOT hire employees with bad attitudes, and their staff is usually pretty attractive. So... On top of everything else... Most tijuana flats are like second families who would help in any way neccessary to make someone smile or help someone on a bad day... Next time you might want to take into accound the way you've treated those employees in the past, did you tip, are you actually the rude one initializing the rude female glare that often occurs... Sounds to me my dear, like you are the one in need of an attitude check! Grow Up.

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  • Jk
      14th of Mar, 2011

    Hmm, the way I see this, there is only one way to be absolutely sure if the women were jealous of your beauty.

    Please post a picture of yourself and both of the women who treated you poorly.

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