Tigerair / I am complaining about my reimbursement

October 24th 2016, I was suppose to travel back to Brisbane from Darwin on Tiger Air very early in the morning. Unfortunately the flight was canceled and we were told that our flight was rescheduled for 2pm in the afternoon. So we were accommodated at a hotel called Mantra or something. We were given an reimbursement form in which we should fill out and send it to Tiger Air for reimbursement for our transport fares to and from the airport to the hotel. I did that upon arrival at Brisbane and send it the very next day (25th October 2016). I put my Aunty's address whom I resided with and I waited but there was no reply until I left Australia to come back to the Solomon Islands, my country. I've checked with my aunty every now and then if they have got any mail for me after I left or recently, but there was still nothing. My name is Ms Trina Lai so, there should be records still in your system for sure. I was a visitor in Australia at that time and I had to pay for my cab fare because the Tiger Air had my flight canceled and I was told that I will be reimbursed, having that knowledge I paid for my cab fare to and from the hotel even though I was under a very tight budget as a visitor. I want to know what is going on and what is Tiger Air is going to do about my issue.

Dec 05, 2016

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