Tiger Airways / tiger airways has a poor reimbursement procedure


Dear Tiger Airways,

I would like to say that I'm very dismayed by how your call center and the Seair people representing Tiger Airways in Clark Airport, handled my request for reimbursement. Because of this I would probably not choose nor recommend anyone to fly Tiger Airways.

Here's my story. I was supposed to fly from Clark to Singapore on March 2, 2012. I went to Clark around 7AM for my 9AM flight. No one was at the check in counter. Apparently, the flight was cancelled, which I was never informed about. I didn't receive a notification through phone nor e-mail. It wasn’t even indicated at the flight status TV screen in the airport that the flight was cancelled. I just learned about it by asking around. I headed to the Seair office in Clark just at the door at the back. I asked them about my options. They offered me a 3PM flight which I can't take anymore since it's past the time of the event I'm supposed to attend. They then offered an option to reimburse. I took that option, filled up a reimbursement form they handed me then submitted it to them. They had the form photocopied and promised me a reimbursement after 4 weeks. I went home after.

4 weeks since, I called your number (+[protected]) to follow up. I talked to your customer service representative. He said as a matter of factly, that my flight wasn’t cancelled, only moved to a later time, which is 3PM. I said “No it wasn’t moved, it was clearly cancelled. The 3PM flight is a different flight.” He said that I can’t file a post-flight reimbursement. I said that I didn’t call to do so, I was merely following up. He said that I should have called the customer service center that day. I told him that I didn’t call but I opted to speak to the Seair office in Clark. I explained to him what transpired on that day, in detail. He told me that there’s no request for reimbursement received by your office, from Seair Clark. At that point, I realized that there’s nothing the customer service rep can do to help me so I appealed to talk to the supervisor. I was denied of this request. In the end, I was just given the notion that there’s no way my fare would be reimbursed.

From what I’m seeing, the Seair office in Clark doesn’t seem to represent Tiger Airways effectively. Either that or my concern as a customer was greatly disregarded. Other airline companies would offer a hotel accommodation for cancelled flights. I was given a form, and blindly trust the staff that a reimbursement is possible. Had I known that it would come to this, I would have taken the later flight just to have my money’s worth. But I was presented with another option, which turned out to be meaningless, and may just be your way to get rid of me for the “inconvenience” I created.

Again, I’m not happy with the way this is handled by your company. It turns out that your airfare is cheaper because the service you provide is cheap as well.

Jan Paolo S. Santiago

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