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The worst airline I have ever “take”! I was booking a Tigerair Flight TR2477 Booking reference: MYBS2N from Langkawi to Singapore, 18:00 to 19:40. And I was arrived on Langkawi international airport about 17:12 by a Grab Car KV7633C Booking Reference: IOS-[protected]-2-001 I take on 16:54, It take 18 mins to reach the airport. But There is No staff on the Tigerair Check in Counter, so in the help of Air Asia staff (Next counter), I call the tigerair hotline in LGK airport [protected] to seeking for help. But the tigerair staff just let me wait at the counter and say they will sent somebody to me. So I wait until 17:30, and there is still no tigerair staff showing up. I call the number again. This time the tigerair staff keep telling me, “sir, we close our counter 45 mins before the air plane take off, It is your fault to be late! We can’t do anything!” Which is I’m arrived on 17:12, 48mins before the air plane take off. I sincerely ask them to help me to board the airplane, cause I need to get back to work on Monday in Singapore (the next day). And I notice Langkawi international airport is very small, if a any of the tigerair staff show up to bring me to the airplane, I’m sure I can still catch the plane, cause I dun have any check in luggage, just a small backpack I carry for myself. But the Tigerair staff refuse to show up and just give me a Singapore Customer Care number: + 65-[protected], which is I m using a Malaysia number in Langkawi, can’t make international call. So I ask the name and staff ID of the tigerair staff, but she just hand up the phone. No arrangement of a hotel room to stay, No arrangement of another airplane to back to Singapore, and the worst thing is no any tigerair staff to meet me face to face. So I was abundant in Langkawi international airport. By using tigerair service for almost 10 years. I can forgive those delay up to 2 hours, all the passenger waiting in the airplane, and the captain announce we are waiting for 5 tigerair crew. But I can’t forgive this time. So when I back to Singapore by getting a slikair on the same day, I can’t find any office or counter of tigerair can make a report for me, they all told me to call the tigerair 24 hrs hotline: +65-[protected], I called 2 times and the hotline customer care staff refuse to make a report for me. They say sorry and can’t do anything, So now there is no channel for me to make a complaint and get refund and get an official apology from tigerair. And I have bought a Tigerinsure Travel Insurance: Certificate No. / No. Sijil TGRMYAA0031458. I do not know how will tigerair respond to me, I wish good luck to those who will take tigerair in the future. And my email is [protected], I wish tigerair can get back to me.

Jun 18, 2017

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