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Tiger Airways (Singapore) / horrible cabin crew

1 singapore, Singapore

Date of the incident: 3 July 2015
Flight Number: TR 2638
Flight Journey: Singapore to Chennai
Complaint against: Ms Ginny Chong (cabin crew)

I have travelled in Tiger Airways (Singapore) for various reasons - comfort, economical and courteous cabin crew. But to my shock, I have been proved wrong.

I had my first sour experience on 3 July 2015 involving a particular cabin crew on duty that material day, Ms Ginny Chong. The fact that I remember her name so well is because she had given me enough reasons to actually take the effort to note her name and, of course, motivate me to file this complaint against her and in turn tiger airways (Singapore).

I, along with other passengers, are grateful for the web check-in facility which allowed passengers to choose their seats ahead of time so that they can actually have a hassle free check-in and if you are an early bird, like me in the present case (seated at 5C) then a chance to be among the first to disembark the flight upon reaching the destination. This of course did not happen because of Ms Ginny Chong. In particular, for the following reasons:

a. That Ms Ginny Chong placed my cabin baggage in the compartment above row 12. When I asked her please do help me find a place for my cabin baggage near my seat as if I had my baggage at row 12, I would have to wait for the other passengers to disembark before I can even get to my baggage let alone disembark. This obviously did not matter to Ms Ginny Chong as she was of the opinion (with much sarcasm, I might add) that I should have boarded the flight first in order to have my check-in baggage in the compartment above my seat.

Please enlighten me where I am in the wrong especially when tiger airways announce boarding of passengers in sequential order, i.e. starting from row 30 to rows 1 and 5 being the last few passengers called to board.

I apologise for my language in advance but how the [censored] does Ms Ginny Chong expect me to board the flight first. Further, being of Indian origin, I would be called an "illiterate" or "rude" for not a following your announcements and "crazy" for not boarding first to place my bag in the compartment above my seat. I mean.. come on Ms Ginny Chong!!!

b. That when one of the elderly passengers asked for water (which he agreed to pay $4.00), Ms Ginny Chong and the cabin lead on the material day were of the opinion that the elderly passenger would have to wait as they were busy and get back to him. It was only after 25 minutes when the refreshment cart came along did the passenger finally get his water. Of course, Ms Ginny Chong and the lead cabin crew were very courteous to him when taking the money...just saying! I mean if there is a protocol where you are unable to provide any refreshments, be courteous.. to say the very least!

I am sure that I am not the only aggrieved passenger who boarded that flight that material day and whose journey was made unpleasant because of Ms Ginny Chong and the lead cabin crew.

The above are just a few that I am bringing to the company's attention. I am aware that it is definitely unfair to generalise the entire cabin crew staff for one Ms Ginny Chong. However, one Ms Ginny Chong has definitely influenced me to stop taking Tiger airways. Kudos to you Ms Ginny Chong.

On the other hand, a complete contrast, I had the most pleasant flight back from Chennai to Singapore - right from the ground staff to the cabin crew and for which I am grateful. In fact, I personally thank each and everyone of them for their excellent service and hospitality.

It is because of cabin crew members like Ms Ginny Chong I am put in this uncomfortable position to actually dish the entire organisation.

I really hope that Ms Ginny Chong gets her act together or in the alternative a humble request to Tiger airways (Singapore)... Please teach cabin crew members like Ms Ginny Chong courtesy and respect.

Your faithfully,
An aggrieved customer.

Jul 13, 2015

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