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L Nov 29, 2017

Good afternoon,

I Am currently on board Tiger airlines - flight number TT623 - Gold Coast to Sydney. Confirmation code is H9LTYG.
It is wedneaday the 29th of November 2017.

I would imagine you would get customer complains about additional excess baggage charges.

However mine is not soulely based in regards to the financial side of things - but more so the correct procedures, protocols & consistency taken into place with this company.

On Friday the 24th I flew into the Gold Coast from Sydney at 8:10am flight number TT604. Again the same
Confirmation code.

On Friday morning, customers were having they're bags weighed by 2 tiger airline employees. This is protocol & regular work duty routines. I completely comprehend this. When it came To my turn my suit case came to 9.6kgs. My own stupidity - however i Did weighnit at 8kgs at home. So it could be that my scales are simply just not so accurate.

The young lady said it's over & I suggested if I could take some
Items out. Her response was "if you can drop it to 7kgs that's fine" (along those lines anyway).
So i did and had a seperate UK shopping bag along with my suitcase and hand bag.

Now, on the way back this afternoon. I explained this to the girl who tried to weight my bags. She listened, did not interupt me yet still she stated the obvious of my combined weight of my bagagge had exceeded the limit.

I said to her - how could I be charged on the way back but not charged ok the way here? I do understand it's policy. However I would have checked my little Suitcase in online if I knew I'd be charged on the way back. It does not make sense.

I know the young girl was simply
Doing her job & must get my response a lot each & everyday. But unlike many - I don't normally
Complain because I can understand both parties & see where each person is Coming from. & too I am part of the hospitality industry working for a large hotel chain as an assistant director. So trust me I do comprehend when i believe it's fair.

My Justice on this topic will be fought for, as I believe my case & situation is a highly understandable one & must be just.

I would sincerely Respect a response from you're company, prior to proceeding with any higher alternatives.

You can contact me on my Australian number [protected] in the next 6 days. OR alternatively my UK number
+[protected] after the next 6 days.

My contact email address is [protected]

I look forward to Hearing from

Elizabeth K. Beugelsdyk

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