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Tiger Airways Singapore
TR 2278
Depart: Singapore 0950
Arrival: Jakarta 1040
Date: 07Feb15

I have been a loyal customer of Tiger Airways Singapore and have always appreciated the excellent Customer service offered by the cabin crews. Yet a recent unpleasant experienced with Tiger airways Singapore has shaken my belief.

I was in the flight en route from singapore to Jakarta on 7th Febraury 2015. Throughout the flight everything was fine till it was about to land I was instructed by the cabin crew to switch off my iPhone while I was listening to my music. I have a sinus infection and to prevent any pain occur to me I usually put on my earpiece. The cabin crew by the name of Anggie came to me and instructed me to switch off my phone and I told her about my sinus problem but she mock at me by saying "do you know how to switch off your phone?" I did switch off the phone in front of her because I'm aware that cabin crew have to perform safety functions established by CASA ( Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Worse still, I offer an apology to her while I was alighting but she did not acknowledge me.

I am writing to encourage Anggie to improve on her Customer Service as I don't want this experienced to ruin other passengers who is taking Tiger Airways in future. I can only imagine imagine how worse it can get in the case of others. I just hope that these problems will improve prior to my next flight with Tiger Airways.


Feb 09, 2015
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  • Yv
      Apr 14, 2010
    Tiger Airways - Rejected to board flight
    Phone: [protected]

    Myself & 3 children arrived 1 hr before flight & were rejected to board flight because we should have been at the Airport 2hrs prior

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  • Al
      Jul 15, 2010
    Tiger Airways - non refund of money
    Tiger Airways
    New South Wales

    Tiger Airways cancelled my flight and as I couldnt make my connection I asked for a refund. I was told this would take up to 6 weeks. Six weeks has passed and despite my having called them 3 times and been promised a refund 3 times, I still have not got my money back. Dont trust these guys. They are cheap because they cheat.

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  • Tr
      Oct 12, 2010

    I totally agree with your comments. I am also in the same situation and it is no way that you could talk to anyone at Tiger to get my money back. I think we need to raise the issue with the ACCC. They are the worst airline that I have experience. They shouldn't be allow to do business in Australia. Let's boycott them.

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  • An
      May 18, 2011
    Tiger Airways - website stripe sign up
    Tiger Aiways

    I tried to sign up for stripe ID, but when I reach the form Recommended by, which is optional, I just skipped it, but after I click on Proceed to payment, it clears all the information that I filled in just because I left the "Recommended by" blank. So, I am complaining at the website.

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  • Ac
      Jun 16, 2011

    My father was refued to board the plane because he was supposed to be there 45minutes before the flight. He was there well before then but was standing in line and got to check out 40 minutes before the flight. He was refused and the lady did not call a supervisor when it was requested. She stated that there was no one and he needed to purchase a new ticket.

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  • Ra
      Jan 09, 2012
    Tiger Airways - Travel Experience
    Tiger Airways

    My first time riding it was so scary. The sounds were so loud when the plane was about to fly, and it was as if the plane was just too light for the wind. :( Scary. :-/

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  • Ad
      Mar 05, 2013
    Tiger Airways - NON RESPONSIVE


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  • Ra
      Nov 23, 2015

    Hi there, i would like to join and make a complain.

    1st issue: We were being off load by TR2457 11:45am flight's captian. I am already at the gate waiting for my friends. The captain waited for 7 malays to entered the plane and off load 3 of us Chinese immediately? Its so disappointed and disrespectful to customers. Its totally unacceptable. Its not late yet, the captain should accept us as well. Kindly refund us the ticket.

    2nd issue: TR2464 was delayed from singapore to kl on 20/11/15 due to reasons provided, we customers have to accept the delay? But the captain insist to offload us on 22/11/15 TR2457 which is due to immigration inefficiency plus we were not even late? How can this be fair to passager?
    Please do take action on this complain to tigerairway management!!
    I called tigerairway they said me to email them,
    when i emailed them they show invalid email.
    Thank you.

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