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Yesterday 27 / 8 / 14 arrive transit to singapore from penang to jakarta, at 12'oclock and i go to transfer i tiger air to ask about my baggage n must check again or not, customer service women at there say to me that i must take out my baggage and check in again tomorrow or i must pay sgp$40 to left my baggage, so very surprise for me because i buy tiket penang jakarta tigerairways is charge me tranfer cost and at penang staff check is say to me that i don't need to take my baggage out when i transit, but customer service i at changi says that staff is give me wrong information, so i don't want to pay again and take my baggage out but take 2 hours more to take my baggage because that baggage does't out and i ask staff lost n found to help me out, after put out the baggage i left my baggage at rent left baggage 1 day (I must pay again sgp$ 8)
Today at the morning staff check in tiger ask me why i take out the baggage, because i already pay for tranfer baggage,
So very upset to know that your staff customer service at i transfer does't know anything and give a wrong information to customer (Stupid staff but say they other wrong)
My flight number from penang tr2429 (11 :00 - 12:30 date 27 - 8 / 2014)
Fr: merry ng

Aug 28, 2014

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